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50 questions
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  • Q1

    Having a fire alarm system installed in the residential and commercial occupancies has a different purposes except for one:

    To alarm the occupants so they can exit immediately

    to notify the fire service so it can respond to the fire

    To provide early notification to building occupants

    To suppress the fire in the building

  • Q2

    If a fire broke out at an establishment where you are at that time, and the smoke and heat detectors fails to activate, what is the best thing to do in order to alarm the other occupancies?

    Activate the manual pull switch

    Call the nearest fire station

    Leave the location immediately

    Shout to the other occupancies that they need to evacuate

  • Q3

    This general type of fire alarm system only relies with the pull switch in order to activate the system.

    Life Protection Fire Alarm System

    Manual Fire Alarm System

    Overall Fire Alarm System

    Property Protection Fire Alarm System

  • Q4

    This Presidential Decree adapts the mandatory installation of fire alarm system in the country.

    PD No. 185

    PD No. 1851

    PD No. 1185

    PD No. 8511

  • Q5

    Jonel, a student who tried to pull the manual switch of the fire alarm at a mall, when the fire alarm activates, everyone in the mall panicked to evacuate at the nearest exit point. What do you think might happened next after Jonel caught in act?

    He might get punished by making fun with the alarm

    He will tell the people that it is just a prank so that everyone will laugh at what he did

    He will turn off the alarm by pushing the manualswitch backwards

    The mall personnel will let him go after explaining what happened

  • Q6

    The following are the advantages of an addressablefire alarm, except:

    Every alarm will be triggered so everyone can evacuate easily.

    Handling false alarm is much easier.

    Reliability of connections

    Specific actions can be programmed to the panel.

  • Q7

    The following are the advantages of a conventional fire alarm, except:

    Components are all wired to the same cable of the control panel.

    Every alarm will be triggered so everyone can evacuate easily.

    The connection of it allows the personnel to locate the fire quickly.

    The system consists of 1 or more circuits, connected in parallel.

  • Q8

    This general group of fire alarm system is the common type of fie system around due to ease of connection and affordability of it.

    Addressable Fire Alarm System

    Conventional Fire Alarm System

    Life Protection Fire Alarm System

    Property Protection Fire Alarm System

  • Q9

    Adrian, an electrician assigned to choose between addressable and conventional fire alarm system to be installed on a commercial building. What do you think Adrian will choose?

    Addressable Fire Alarm System, since the alarm panel displays the exact device that signaled the alarm.

    Addressable Fire Alarm System, since it is more affordable than conventional fire alarm system.

    Conventional Fire Alarm System, since it is used for complex projects and large buildings.

    Conventional Fire Alarm System since it is inexpensive and easy to use.

  • Q10

    It is the reason why we need to insert a short circuit isolator on Addressable Fire Alarm System.

    Control and indicate the notification devices installed on the control panel.

    Helps the component to produce a signal that appears to the control panel.

    Helps the addressable fire alarm system to become more affordable to use.

    The circuitry automatically reconnects the section of the loop where short circuit occur.

  • Q11

    Adam, an EIM student ask his teacher with regards to the functions of FACU. His teacher states the following functions of it except for one:

    Capable of placing the system in the alarm state by pulling the manual switch.

    Produces output signals that activate audible andvisual appliances.

    Serves as the brain for the alarm system.

    Transmits signals to an off-site monitoring station when provided.

  • Q12

    The following are examples of alarm initiating device, except:

    Fixed-temperature heat detectors

    Combination Detectors

    Sprinkler water flow


  • Q13

    What should be the last connection to be installed on the conventional fire alarm panel?

    Alarm Output Connection

    Heat Detector

    Primary Power Supply

    Secondary Power Supply

  • Q14

    These fire alarm components are categorized as audible, visual, textile or tactile.

    Branch Circuit

    Initiating Device

    Notification Appliance

    Secondary Power Supply

  • Q15

    Manual pull station have this kind of equipment to avoid accidental activation.

    Initiating Device

    Operatable Part

    Protective Cover

    Sealed Batteries


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