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to be expressions (Present, Past, Future)_level 1.b

Quiz by Amerigo Vespucci

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Non avranno 20 anni
    They aren't 20 years old.
    He won't be 20 years old.
    They will be 20 years old.
    They won't be 20 years old.
  • Q2
    Saremo fortunati?
    Shall we be lucky?
    Shall we lucky?
    We will be lucky?
    Shall he be lucky?
  • Q3
    Non avremo paura di
    We won't be afraid of
    We weren't afraid of
    We won't afraid of
    They weren't afraid of
  • Q4
    Avrà caldo
    She will hot
    She will be cold
    She will be hot
    She will cold
  • Q5
    Avevano ragione? No, avevano torto.
    Were they right? No, they were wrong.
    Were she right? No, she were wrong.
    Were they wrong? No, they were right.
    Were you right? No, you were wrong.
  • Q6
    Non saranno mai ricchi. Saranno poveri.
    They wont' be worry. they will be poor.
    He wont' be wealthy. He will be poor.
    They wont' be hungry. they will be thirsty.
    They wont' be wealthy. they will be poor.
  • Q7
    Alle 7:00 sarò sveglio.
    At 7 o'clock I will be cold.
    At 7 o'clock I will be afraid.
    At 7 o'clock I will be awake.
    At 7 o'clock I will be sleepy.
  • Q8
    Non sarete spaventati. Sarete felici.
    You won't be scared. You will be happy.
    You weren't scared. You were happy.
    You won't be sad. You will be happy.
    You won't scared. You will be happy.
  • Q9
    Sarò in ritardo? No, sarò in anticipo.
    Shall I be late? No, I will be early.
    Shall we be late? No, we will be early.
    Shall I be early? No, I will be late.
    Shall I be late? No, I'm early.
  • Q10
    Non sarà un affare.
    Won't be a bargain.
    He won't be awake.
    It won't be a bargain.
    He won't be a bargain.

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