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To Kill a Mockingbird: Test Review 2019

Quiz by Amanda

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  • Q1
    Where do Atticus, Scout, and Jem Finch live?
    Montgomery, Alabama
    Maycomb, Alabama
    Meridian, Mississippi
  • Q2
    Who is Calpurnia?
    a Black woman who works for the Finches
    a White woman who is the Finches' neighbor
    a Black woman who is Scout's teacher
  • Q3
    Who do Jem and Scout spend time playing with in the summer?
    Atticus Finch
    Charles Baker "Dill" Harris
    Boo Radley
  • Q4
    Where do Scout and Jem sit in the courthouse?
    at the back of the courthouse where the White people are required to sit
    the balcony where the Black people are required to sit
    with Atticus and Tom
  • Q5
    Where in Maycomb does the Bob Ewell family live?
    across from the courthouse
    next to the cemetery
    behind the town garbage dump
  • Q6
    How does Atticus prove that Bob Ewell is left-handed?
    Asks Mayella under oath if her father is left-handed
    Throws a ball to Mr. Ewell
    Asks Mr. Ewell to sign his name
  • Q7
    What makes Mayella think that Atticus is making fun of her?
    He takes notes while she speaks
    He calls her Miss Mayella
    He shakes her hand
  • Q8
    According to Atticus in his closing statement, in which human institution are "all men created equal"?
    a court
    a school
    a church
  • Q9
    What do all the Blacks in the balcony do as Atticus exits the courtroom after the trial?
    follow him
    stand up
  • Q10
    Tom argues that Mayella asked him to come inside her house to...
    chop up a chiffarobe
    fix a door
    clean her oven
  • Q11
    Mayella says that she asked Tom into her yard to..
    chop up a chiffarobe
    fix a door
    fix her porch

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