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Tobacco Cessation Quiz 1

Quiz by Sarah McBane

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    A patient who smokes has a genetic condition that causes their saliva to be alkaline. What effect will this have on buccal nicotine absorption? 



    no change

  • Q2

    Select the best reason that oral nicotine tablets are NOT effective for tobacco cessation.

    Nicotine is a small molecule

    Nicotine is excreted renally

    Nicotine has a low bioavailability due to first pass metabolism

    Nicotine has a pKa of 8

  • Q3

    Drug X must be metabolized to an active metabolite by CYP1A2 to be effective. What effect will smoking have on Drug X?

    Drug X will be more effective

    Drug X will be less effective

    No change in the activity of Drug X

  • Q4

    Someone who is NOT ready to quit in the next 30 days is in

    Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Stage 3

    Stage 4

  • Q5

    What stage includes initiation of pharmacotherapy for tobacco cessation? 

    Stage 4

    Stage 1

    Stage 3

    Stage 2

  • Q6

    When can someone expect nicotine withdrawal symptoms to be the worst?

    1 day

    1 year

    1 month

    1 week

  • Q7

    Which number of follow up encounters with the pharmacist is likely to have the best tobacco cessation success rate? 

    1 follow up encounter

    No pharmacist follow up is necessary

    4 follow up encounters

    2 follow up encounters

  • Q8

    Ask, Arrange, Assess, Advise, Assist

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  • Q9

    Pair the correct "A" with the matching statement or question

    Users link answers
  • Q10

    Select an example of a cognitive coping strategy. 

    Use sugar-free gum instead of smoking

    Have a friend provide support during the quit attempt

    Control the environment

    Distractive thinking


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