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Todays training session

Quiz by Maggie Rampton

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  • Q1
    Whats was todays training on?
    Question Image
    setting up Quizalize to use with our learners
    setting up Quizalise to never use it again
    setting up Quizalise to never use with our learners
    setting up Quizalise for our own amusement
  • Q2
    What was Liz distracted by momentarily during the session?
    Question Image
    Her son playing with Dinosaurs
    Her son playing an instrument
    Her son asking for food
    Her son playing computer game Fornight
  • Q3
    What actually colour was the wallpaper in Maggies lounge?
    Question Image
    Grey, Red, Cream & Black
    White, Pink, Black & Grey
    Red, Grey, White & Black
    Red, Black, Silver & White
  • Q4
    Who attended today session?
    Question Image
    Liz, Lynsey, Maggie and Debbie
    Liz, Lynsey, Maggie and Patience
    Liz, Sarah, Maggie and Patience
    Debbie, Patience, Liz and Lynsey
  • Q5
    How long did it take to make this quiz?
    Question Image
    18 mins
    20 mins
    22 mins
    25 mins

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