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  • Q1
    alternative (adj.)
    doubt or disbelief in the truth or validity of something / 회의
    an independent-minded person / 독불장군
    a state of noisy confusion or disorder / 소란, 폭풍
    available as another possibility or choice / 대체 가능한
  • Q2
    prevent (v.)
    to say or do (something) several times in order to practice / 연습하다
    keep (something) from happening / 방지하다
    to regard or represent as perfect or better than in reality / 이상화하다
    to invent, create falsely / 조작하다, 날조하다
  • Q3
    various (adj.)
    causing a person to become tired and to feel ready to fall asleep / 최면성의
    very bad or unpleasant / very unhappy, ill / 비참한
    detected by senses; appearing as such but not necessarily so / 인식된
    more than one, several / 여러 가지의
  • Q4
    acupuncture (n.)
    grimly mocking or cynical / 비꼬는
    secured in possession or assigned to a person / 귀속된
    a form of complementary medicine in which fine needles are inserted in the skin at specificpoints along what are considered to be lines of energy (meridians), used in the treatment of variousphysical and mental conditions / 침술
    causing fear or unease / 위협적인
  • Q5
    herbal (adj.)
    accompanying / 동반하는
    relating to or made from herbs, especially those used in cooking and medicine / 허브의
    not firm in decision; unable to make decisions timely; not significant as to ultimately decide a result / 의지나 결정이 완고하지 않은; 결정/결단을 잘 못내리는; 그렇게 중요하거나 치명적이지 않아 최종 결론을 못내리는
    suitable or proper in the circumstances / 적절한
  • Q6
    flawed (adj.)
    to shock or excite into action / 격려하다
    having or characterized by a fundamental weakness or imperfection / 결함이 있는
    to make (someone) unable to think and behave normally / 중독시키다
    to scold / 경고하다
  • Q7
    crux (n.)
    to justify; to show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for / ~을 정당화하다
    to make up for something excessively, at times due to guilt or fear / 과잉보상하다, 과잉보완하다
    the decisive or most important point at issue / 가장 중요한 부분
    to shorten by cutting off a part / 절단하다
  • Q8
    holistic (adj.)
    the power of using one's will / 의지
    a polite behavior that shows respect for other people / 예의
    a system of rules about the correct way to act in  formal situations / 행동규범
    characterized by the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and can beexplained only by reference to the whole / 전체론의
  • Q9
    alternative (adj.)
    a concise statement / 경구, 격언
    a lack of energy and enthusiasm / 무기력
    a signal or indication to do or begin something / 신호
    (of one or more things) available as another possibility or choice / 대체 가능한
  • Q10
    potential (n.)
    perfect, smoot / 아주 매끄러운
    uncertain, indecisive / 결단력이 없는
    latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness / 가능성
    done with great care, thoroughness, and attention to detail / 근면한
  • Q11
    pulsate (v.)
    mood, personality / 기질, 성격
    expand and contract with strong regular movements / 진동하다
    a disbelief in the existence of deity / 무신론
    the act or process of transcribing / 필사
  • Q12
    fundamental (adj.)
    unable to be appeased or pacified / 진정될 수 없는
    forming a necessary base or core, of central importance / 근본적인
    present, appearing, or found everywhere / 어디에나 존재하는
    admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering / 단호한
  • Q13
    bolster (v.)
    moving or doing things awkwardly and tending to drop or break things / 어색한, 부주의한
    relating to a city or characteristic of it / 도시의
    seemingly contradictory, but actually true / 역설적인
    support or strengthen / 북돋우다
  • Q14
    blockage (n.)
    just beginning to exist or develop / 초기의
    intellectual, related to the brain / 지적인, 뇌의
    accompanying or following as a consequence / 동반하는, 따르는
    an obstruction which makes movement or flow difficult or impossible / 막는 것
  • Q15
    disrupt (v.)
    inequality or difference; gap / 차이; 격차
    things that can be accomplished by something; state of having lots of utility / 기능; 기능의 많음
    interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem / 방해하다
    explanation or justification for something / 이유에 대한 설명

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