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  • Q1
    faulty (adj.)
    having a mistake, fault, or weakness; 결함/하자있는
    establishing, relating to, or deriving from a standard or norm, especially of behavior 규범적인
    having an outline or surface that curves inward like the interior of a circle or sphere 오목하다
    a significant stage or event in the development of something 중요한 단계
  • Q2
    multitude (n.)
    the state of being impervious 불침투성
    extreme in effect or action, severe or serious 과감한/극단적인
    a large number of people or things 다수
    of or during the day 주행성의
  • Q3
    craze (n.)
    something that is very popular for a period of time 대유행/열풍
    to completely remove or get rid of something or someone 없애다
    to cause (something) to stop happening for a time 방해하다
    existing or coming before in time, order, or importance 사전의
  • Q4
    temporary (adj.)
    lasting for only a limited period of time 일시적인
    based on facts, not on ideas or guesses 사실에 기반한
    an enclosed space 방
    the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service 독점
  • Q5
    dramatically (adv.)
    having a higher osmotic pressure than a particular fluid 고장성의
    by a strikingly large amount or to a strikingly large extent 극적으로
    change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way 변하다
    distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees up to 90 degrees 위도
  • Q6
    fundamental (adj.)
    at the same time 동시에
    forming a necessary base or core, of central importance 근본적인
    the place or type of place where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives or grows 서식지
    a thing with distinct and independent existence 독립체
  • Q7
    intrinsic (adj.)
    causing great wonder; extraordinary 놀라운
    having a sharply strong taste or smell 톡 쏘는 듯한
    belonging naturally; essential 고유한
    commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation 보수성
  • Q8
    suitable (adj.)
    a person killed or injured in a war or accident 사상자
    right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation 적합한
    a sum of money that is given as the first part of a larger payment 착수금
    hard to handle or manage because of size or weight 크고 무거운/다루기 힘든
  • Q9
    permit (v.)
    the outer limits or edge of an area or object 주변
    a gathering or collection of people, animals, or things 무리
    not derived from living organisms 생명과 관련 없는
    authorize or allow 허용하다
  • Q10
    midst (n.)
    an act or process of laying someone or something down or letting something fall 침적
    cause to continue or be prolonged for an extended period or without interruption 지속시키다
    take in or soak up 흡수하다
    the middle part of something 중앙
  • Q11
    initiate (v.)
    to cause the beginning of (something), to start or begin (something) 개시시키다
    deviating from what is normal or usual, typically in a way that is undesirable or worrying 비정상적인
    present or constitute 제기하다
    the situation of being kept away from others to prevent a disease from spreading 격리
  • Q12
    inherent (adj.)
    to make something less harmful, serious 완화시키다
    existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute 내재하는
    the act or process of supplying or providing something 공급/제공
    by that means, as a result of that 그렇게 함으로써
  • Q13
    uncanny (adj.)
    of little depth 얕은
    having a system of government in which the individual states of a country have control over their own affairs, but are controlled by a central government for national decisions, etc. 연방 정부의
    strange or unusual in a way that is surprising or difficult to understand 기이한/기묘한
    to fill a space, area, etc., with sounds and especially with echoes 메아리치다
  • Q14
    instrumentation (n.)
    severely restricted in scope, extent, or activity 제한되다
    sexual intercourse 교미
    used to identify the idea, cause, problem, etc., that forms the basis of something 기초를 구성하는
    a set of instruments used in operating a vehicle or a machine 기기 장치
  • Q15
    fundamentally (adv.)
    different from what is normal or average, unusual especially in a way that causes problems 비정상적인
    in central or primary respects 근본적으로
    to suggest (something, such as an idea or theory) especially in order to start a discussion 상정하다
    still in existence, surviving 현존하는

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