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280 questions
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  • Q1
    agricultural (adj.)
    relating to or caused by a disease or disorder / 병적인
    loud and harsh; grating / 강렬한
    performed regularly / 일상적인
    relating to agriculture / 농업의
  • Q2
    flourish (v.)
    grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result ofa particularly congenial environment / 번창하다
    a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy / 원칙
    excessive pride, arrogance / 오만
    a period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation / 심문
  • Q3
    muggy (adj.)
    a state in which people or things agree with each other and exist together in a peaceful way, harmony / 합의
    (of the weather) unpleasantly warm and humid / 후텁지근한
    the act of estimating or projecting from known information / 추론
    distribution according to a plan / 할당, 분배
  • Q4
    counter (v.)
    having little substance; weak (in terms of connection or relation) / 얇은, 가느다란; (연결이) 약한
    speak or act in opposition to / 반박하다
    happening every two years / 2년마다 일어나는
    combined into one whole / 통합된, 합병된
  • Q5
    concerned (adj.)
    a person who carries out a harmful or illegal act / 가해자
    an indirect reference to something or someone / 암시
    something (such as a belief or a way of behaving) which shows that you have too much pride in yourself, your social status / 허영
    worried, troubled, or anxious / 염려하는
  • Q6
    starving (adj.)
    quick, smart, and clever / 민첩한
    lacking confidence / 자신 없는
    conspicuously and offensively loud; with no attempt to conceal / 노골적인
    suffering or dying from hunger / 굶주리는
  • Q7
    dependent (adj.)
    requiring someone or something for financial or other support / 의지하는
    determination, strong will / 결심
    a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant / 변천
    acceptance or openness to different views / 관용, 허용
  • Q8
    labor (n.)
    brilliantly or excessively showy / 지나치게 화려하게 뽐내며; 허세부리며
    suddenly and unexpectedly / 갑자기
    essentially, basically, in most reasonable respects / 실질적으로, 실제로는, 사실상
    work for which someone is paid / 노동
  • Q9
    reciprocal (adj.)
    manage and be responsible for the running of (a business, organization, etc.) / 관리하다
    to deprive of voting rights / ~의 (투표) 권리를 박탈하다; ~의 참정권을 박탈하다
    to charge (a public official) with a crime done while in office / 탄핵하다
    given, felt, or done in return / 상호간의
  • Q10
    cradle (n.)
    a baby's bed or cot, typically one mounted on rockers / 요람
    lacking regard for others / 남을 배려하지 않는
    relating to sight or vision / 광학의
    demanding moral conduct that you yourself do not portray / 위선의
  • Q11
    grave (n.)
    deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed / 후회
    an award / 영예, 찬양
    the state or situation at the given time (without a change) / 현재 상황
    a hole dug in the ground to receive a coffin or dead body, typically marked by a stone ormound / 무덤
  • Q12
    invade (v.)
    of or from outside the Earth / 외계의, 지구 밖의
    lacking in some essential quality or element / 결핍된
    badly behaved;?deliberately causing harm or damage;?naughtily or annoyingly playful / 짓궂은
    (of an armed force) enter (a country or region) so as to subjugate or occupy it / 침입하다
  • Q13
    hovel (n.)
    extremely wicked, abhorrent / 악랄한
    a small squalid or simply constructed dwelling / 가축우리 같은 집
    not leading to a definite conclusion / 결론이 없는
    held, filled, or seized by something / 채워진, 사용 중인, 점령된
  • Q14
    threadbare (adj.)
    bringing strong memories or emotions to mind / 연상시키는
    not showing enough care and attention / 태만한
    heavenly, relating to the sky / 천체의, 하늘의
    (of cloth, clothing, or soft furnishings) becoming thin and tattered with age / 올이 다 드러난
  • Q15
    drain (n.)
    extreme physical or mental pain / 고통
    a thing that uses up a particular resource / 소비
    an examination of a dead body to find out the cause of death / 부검, 검시
    a state of turmoil, disorder, agitation, disturbance / 혼란, (사회/정치적인) 불안

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