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  • Q1
    starvation (n.)
    capable of being attributed or assigned to / ~에 기인하는
    1. lacking the people, plants, animals, etc., that make people feel welcome in a place 2. very sad and lonely especially because someone you love has died or left / 1. 황량한 2. 너무나 외로운
    not providing or saving for the future / 부주의한
    suffering or death caused by having nothing to eat or not enough to eat, the condition of someone who is starving / 기아/굶주림
  • Q2
    abundance (n.)
    to cause to move forward with force; give an incentive for action / ~을 몰고 가다; ~를 (앞으로 가도록) 밀다
    to make (someone) feel very ashamed or foolish / 모욕하다
    a large amount of something, an abundant amount of something / 풍부함
    become apparent, important, or prominent / 나타나다
  • Q3
    norm (n.)
    not physical, unable to be grasped / 물리적이지 않은
    shapeless / 형태가 없는
    having no flaw or error / 흠 없는
    standards of proper or acceptable behavior / 표준/규준
  • Q4
    sole (adj.)
    to harmonize opposing ideas/concepts; to mend a relationship after conflict / (반대되는 혹은 충돌하는 개념들을) 화합시키다; 화해시키다
    only or single / 단 하나의
    to defeat thoroughly; to overcome or subdue / 완파하다
    to cause someone to experience or be affected by (something unpleasant or harmful) / 가하다
  • Q5
    overwhelming (adj.)
    to be in charge of something (such as a trial) / 주재하다
    to persuade someone to do something or to give you something by making promises or saying nice things / 꼬드기다
    very great in number, effect, or force / 압도적인
    to read or examine carefully and in detail / 세심히 살피다
  • Q6
    settlement (n.)
    a formal agreement or decision that ends an argument or dispute / 합의/해결
    to assess / 평가하다
    v. to smile or laugh at someone or something with an expression on your face that shows dislike and a lack of respect / 비웃다, 조롱하다
    to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone / 비방하다
  • Q7
    unheard of (adj.)
    to refuse / 퇴짜 놓다
    to use (something) in a foolish or wasteful way / 탕진하다
    You can say that an event or situation is unheard of when it never happens. / 공전의
    to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult / 계속하다
  • Q8
    staple (adj.)
    following immediately afterward / 그 다음의
    relating to the special skills, training, etc., that you need for a particular job or occupation / 직업의
    important food that is eaten very often / 주식
    confident and forceful in expressing oneself / 단호한
  • Q9
    constitute (v.)
    the gradual intrusion or advancement into someone else's territory or rights / 침해
    extreme mental or physical pain / 극도의 고통
    the process of recognizing and interpreting sensory information / 지각
    to make up or form something / 구성하다
  • Q10
    coupled with (v.)
    to be joined or combined / 한쌍이 된/조합된
    oppressive government or rule / 억압하는 정부/통치, 독재
    the process of turning into a commodity / 상품화
    a decision that a group of people will not be punished or that a group of prisoners will be allowed to go free / 사면
  • Q11
    mark (v.)
    bitter / 신랄한
    to make or leave a visible mark on something / 표시하다/흔적을 내다
    showing great care, attention, and effort / 근면한
    based on personal experience (not scientific) / 우연한 관찰에 따른, 비과학적인
  • Q12
    detrimental to ~ (adj.)
    a person (such as a king or queen) who rules a kingdom or empire / 군주
    a state in which people or things agree with each other and exist together in a peaceful way, harmony / 합의
    a polite behavior that shows respect for other people / 예의
    causing damage or injury / 해로운
  • Q13
    store (v.)
    to dislike (something or someone) very much / 멸시하다
    to bring to light; to reveal / ~을 발견하다, ~을 밝히다
    to place into enforced isolation, usually for medical reasons / ~을 격리시키다
    to put (something that is not being used) in a place where it is available, where it can be kept safely, etc. / 저장하다
  • Q14
    undisputed (adj.)
    to eat grass from the ground / (자연에서, 땅에 있는) 풀을 뜯어 먹다
    to treat (something or someone) with respect or seriousness / 위엄있게 하다
    definitely true, not doubted or questioned / 반박할 수 없는
    to impart or inject gradually / ~을 ~에게 서서히 주입시키다
  • Q15
    obstacle (n.)
    something that makes it difficult to do something / 장애물/난관
    to avoid dealing with or facing (something / 회피하다
    to retaliate, a retaliatory action / 역습, 역공
    control or maintain the rate or speed of (a machine or process) so that it operates properly / 규제하다

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