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  • Q1
    corresponding (adj.)
    unable to function or survive / 무력한
    unaffected by self-interest / 사심없는, 공평한, 이해 관계 없는
    matching or connected with something that you have just mentioned / 해당하는
    not moving, unable to move / 움직일 수 없는
  • Q2
    diurnal (adj.)
    difficult / 난해한
    active during the day / 주행성의
    not attractive; not persuasive or compelling / 매력없는, 호소력없는
    giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen / 불길한
  • Q3
    midst (n.)
    complex, intricate / 복잡한
    self-evident, unquestionable / 자명한
    the middle part of something / 중앙
    based on or described in a myth / 신화의
  • Q4
    cue (n.)
    to make. [replace with "make" and it usually means the same] / ~를 ~로 되게 하다
    to take apart or deconstruct / 해체하다
    an action or event that is a signal for somebody to do something / 신호
    to call to mind; to bring forth / ~를 (생각, 감정 등을) 불러오다
  • Q5
    precise (adj.)
    critical observation or examination / 세심한 조사
    tyranny, dictatorship / 독재, 전제주의
    a seemingly contradictory statement or situation that may be true / 역설
    clear and accurate / 정확한
  • Q6
    pineal (adj.)
    increasing or reviving after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence / 부활하는
    located beneath or below; not readily apparent / 근원적인, 근본적인
    a small organ in the brain that releases a hormone / 송과체
    occurring at irregular intervals; scattered or isolated / 때때로 일어나는
  • Q7
    pituitary (n.)
    honesty, openness / 정직, 솔직함
    a small organ at the base of the brain that produces hormones that influence growth and sexual development / 뇌하수체
    the outer limits or edge of something / 주변
    the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding / 인지
  • Q8
    opaque (adj.)
    not very good / 평범한
    unnecessary, especially through being more than enough / 불필요한
    not clear enough to see through or allow light through / 불투명한
    okay to throw away; not absolutely necessary / 버려도 괜찮은; 불필요한
  • Q9
    longitudinal (adj.)
    relating to the position of a place west or east of the earth's equator. / 경도의
    unnecessary, uncalled for / 고의의
    in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor / 쇠퇴하는
    determined or controlled by an outside influence / 지배된
  • Q10
    stellar (adj.)
    connected with the stars / 별의
    to avoid / 회피하다
    to force to go away or disappear / ~을 떨쳐 버리다
    something added to complete or enhance something else / 보충물/보충하다
  • Q11
    sophisticated (adj.)
    get rid of; throw away / 처분하다
    developed to a high degree of complexity, clever and complicated in the way that it works or is presented / 수준높은, 정교한
    have one's permanent home in a particular place / 거주하다
    to cause confusion or disarray; to mix up or jumble / 혼란시키다
  • Q12
    warbler (n.)
    looking back on or dealing with past events, situations, or experiences / 회고적인, 뒤/과거를 바라보는
    a small bird. There are many types of warbler, some of which have a musical call. / 휘파람새
    aware of; accustomed to / ~에 적응한, ~에 대해 잘 인식하는
    accompanying or following as a consequence / 동반하는, 따르는
  • Q13
    planetarium (n.)
    of vital importance; crucial / 필수적인
    a building with a curved ceiling to represent the sky at night, with moving images of the planets and stars, used to educate and entertain people / 천체 투영관
    from god; of god / 신성한, 신의
    of or relating to an enemy; or unpleasant or harsh / 적대적인
  • Q14
    latitudinal (adj.)
    behaving or looking as though one thinks they are superior to others / 거만한
    relating to the position of a place north or south of the earth's equator. / 위도의
    quiet and secret in order to avoid being noticed / 은밀한
    causing awareness of your shortcomings / 품위를 떨어뜨리는, 치욕적인, 굴욕적인
  • Q15
    culcita (n.)
    stuffed mattress or cushion in Latin / 퀼트
    causing or able to cause death / 치명적인
    still in existence or in use / 현존하는
    apparently reasonable, valid, or possible / 그럴듯한

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