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  • Q1
    stall (v.)
    to avoid doing something or to delay someone in a deliberate way because you need more time, do not want to do something, etc. / (시간을 벌려고 대답 등을) 피하다, 지연작전을 쓰다
    of or relating to an enemy; or unpleasant or harsh / 적대적인
    combined into one whole / 통합된, 합병된
    not providing or saving for the future / 부주의한
  • Q2
    assert (v.)
    to formally decide that someone should be put on trial for a crime / 기소하다, 고소하다
    to extend across or cover a period of time; a range or extent / 걸치다
    to state (something) in a strong and definite way / 자기 주장을 하다
    form by combining threads in a particular way / 짜다
  • Q3
    overshadow (v.)
    to destroy completely / 완전히 파괴하다
    in a period of time between events / 임시의
    to cause (something or someone) to seem less important or impressive when compared to something or someone else / 빛을 잃게 만들다
    to display; to exhibit; to tout as an important characteristic / ~를 보여주다; ~를 전시하다; (어떤 중요한) ~~가 포함된
  • Q4
    acclaim (v.)
    to force or place a burden on someone / ~에게 ~을 내세우다, 받아들이게 하다
    write down or type out a copy of / 필사하다
    to praise (someone or something) in a very strong and enthusiastic way / 칭송하다
    to make (someone) impatient, angry; or annoyed / 짜증나게 하다
  • Q5
    affix (v.)
    to earn revenue from (something) / 수익화하다
    to cause (someone) to be worried or upset / 교란시키다
    to attach (something) to something else / 붙이다
    to give or apply; to give out; to get rid of / ~을 분출하다; ~을 내보내다, ~을 없애다
  • Q6
    fraudulent (adj.)
    done to trick someone for the purpose of getting something valuable / 사기치기 위한
    to disagree politely with another person's statement or suggestion / 반대하다
    to do something that is not allowed / 넘어서다
    to make (something) angry / 격노하게 하다
  • Q7
    take pain to (v.)
    deviation from norm / 이상, 기형
    selflessness / 이타심
    endure / 견디다
    a group of people that includes many families and relatives who have the same language, customs, and beliefs / 부족
  • Q8
    airtight (adj.)
    too strong or effective to fail or to be defeated / 밀폐된
    unable to be appeased or pacified / 진정될 수 없는
    following in time or order / 후속하는, 뒤따르는
    not having or showing an unfair tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better than others / 편견 없는
  • Q9
    faulty (adj.)
    having a mistake, fault, or weakness; / 결함/하자있는
    courage, strength of mind / 인내, 불굴의 정신
    a situation in which many people are upset, angry; or disturbed by something / 소동
    description, portrayal / 묘사
  • Q10
    navigate (v.)
    to find the way to get to a place when you are traveling in a ship, airplane, car, etc. / 길을 찾다/항해하다
    to hit something and suddenly change direction / 빗나가다
    to accept / ~을 받아들이다, ~을 채택하다
    to imitate the actions of someone / ~을 따라 하다
  • Q11
    questionable (adj.)
    the state of not having something that people need / 박탈
    not likely to be true or correct, giving reason to doubt or question something / 의심스러운
    the act of reclaiming or restoring / 개간
    an official right to be the only person or company allowed to make or sell a new product for a certain period of time / 특허권
  • Q12
    sled (n.)
    someone whose way of living is considered morally wrong / 부도덕한
    immediate, going to occur soon / 임박한
    a small vehicle that has a flat bottom or long, narrow strips of metal or wood on the bottom and that is used for moving over snow or ice / 썰매
    expressing feelings or opinions in a very loud or forceful way / 떠들썩한
  • Q13
    claim (v.)
    a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something / 속성
    to say that (something) is true when some people may say it is not true / 주장하다
    the natural process by which physical and mental qualities are passed from a parent to a child / 유전
    a small amount of something that remains after the main part has gone / 잔여물
  • Q14
    deprivation (n.)
    to cut off (from a whole) / ~을 끊다
    to regard or represent as perfect or better than in reality / 이상화하다
    the state of not having something that people need, the state of being deprived of something / 박탈/부족
    to pass into or through (something) / 침투하다
  • Q15
    distress (n.)
    small action, usually signifying something / (뭔가를 나타내는) 작은 행동, 손짓, 몸짓
    leadership or dominance over others / 주도권, 지배력
    unhappiness or pain, suffering that affects the mind or body / 고통/괴로움
    a person, thing, or situation that is annoying or that causes trouble or problems / 골칫거리

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