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  • Q1
    impulse (n.)
    a sudden strong wish or need to do something, without stopping to think about the results / 충동
    increasing or reviving after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence / 부활하는
    having or showing a strong desire for revenge / 복수심을 품은
    increasing, growing / 누적되는
  • Q2
    indispensable (adj.)
    too important to be without / 필수적인
    to reach a conclusion / ~에 대해 결론을 내리다, 정착하다
    have one's permanent home in a particular place / 거주하다
    to become or be weak; to desire someone who's no longer there / 쇠약해지다; (없는 사람을) 그리워하다
  • Q3
    destruction (n.)
    resentment and jealousy towards another's success / 부러움, 부러움으로 생기는 증오
    the act of destroying something; the process of being destroyed / 파괴
    a sudden realization / 깨달음
    a complicated network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way / 미로
  • Q4
    inextricable (adj.)
    to provide nurture; to help develop and grow / ~을 품다; ~가 성장하도록 돕다
    to provoke or stir up; to urge on; to cause to act; to give an incentive for action / ~을 자극하다, ~을 도발하다
    to make (something) longer or to grow longer / 연장하다
    too closely linked to be separated / 불가분한
  • Q5
    interwoven (adj.)
    to twist together two or more pieces of thread, wool / ~와 뒤섞인
    requiring more than usually expected or thought due, especially great patience and effort and skill / 까다로운, 엄격한
    designed to deceive or mislead either deliberately or inadvertently / 현혹하는, 기만하는, 속이는
    lacking in some essential quality or element / 결핍된
  • Q6
    ebb (n.)
    not named or identified / 익명의
    the period of time when the sea flows away from the land / 썰물
    arousing distate or opposition; unplesant or offensive / 불쾌한, 무례한
    generous and forgiving, especially toward a rival or less powerful person / 관대한
  • Q7
    flourish (v.)
    to develop quickly and become successful or common / 번성하다
    an external appearance or semblance / 외관, 모습
    agreement reached by a group as a whole / 합의, (그룹 전체의) 동의
    a social policy or racial segregation / 인종차별 정책 (주거, 생활, 직장등의 분리)
  • Q8
    lush (adj.)
    to make aware or responsive / 익숙하게 하다
    growing thickly and strongly in a way that is attractive; covered in healthy grass and plants / 무성한
    to apply to other, broader contexts or situations / ~를 다른 혹은 더 큰 개념이나 상황에 적용하다
    limited to do something (as a responsibility or duty) / ~해야 하는, 얽매인
  • Q9
    alluvial (adj.)
    full of danger or risk / 위험한
    1. not able to produce children or offspring (animal, plants) 2. dry and bare / 불모의
    tending to bring about; being partly responsible for / ~에 도움이 되는
    made of sand and earth that is left by rivers or floods / 충적토의
  • Q10
    floodplain (n.)
    respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one / 보답하다
    to deprive of rights, vote / 선거권 박탈하다
    an area of flat land next to a river that regularly floods when there is too much water in the river / 범람원
    to increase rapidly in number or spread widely / 번식하다
  • Q11
    crescent (n.)
    endless or seemingly endless / 끝없는
    excessive, lavish / 사치스러운
    intended to correct or remedy / 교정적인
    a curved shape that is wide in the middle and pointed at each end / 초승달 모양의
  • Q12
    dwell (v.)
    to explain, clarify / 명확히 설명하다
    to give new life or vigor to / 소생시키다
    to live somewhere / 살다
    to interpret, decode / 해독하다
  • Q13
    invasion (n.)
    strictness or thoroughness / 엄격함
    lack of care and attention / 무시
    the act of an army entering another country by force in order to take control of it / 침략
    a strong pull / 잡아당김
  • Q14
    intrusion (n.)
    to satisfy / 달래다
    something that affects a situation or people’s lives in a way that they do not want / 침범
    to accept / ~을 받아들이다, ~을 채택하다
    to bring to light; to reveal / ~을 발견하다, ~을 밝히다
  • Q15
    cohesive (adj.)
    to increase rapidly in number or spread widely / 번식하다
    to free / 해방시키다
    forming a united whole / 화합하는
    to take into account; to consider (especially in comparison to another factor) / ~을 고려하다

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