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  • Q1
    endure (v.)
    to handle effectively; to have and exercise / ~을 휘두르다, ~을 행사하다
    suffer patiently / 견디다
    to formally give up / 포기하다
    to challenge or refuse to obey / ~가 ~하는 데 도전하게 하다
  • Q2
    adhere (v.)
    believe in and follow the practices of / 고수하다
    loud and harsh; grating / 강렬한
    showing great care, attention, and effort / 근면한
    rough, strong, energetic / 강한, 힘이나 에너지가 넘치는
  • Q3
    critic (n.)
    a person who expresses an unfavourable opinion of something / 평론가
    small action, usually signifying something / (뭔가를 나타내는) 작은 행동, 손짓, 몸짓
    division into two parts / 이분법, 이분론
    a requirement or condition that must be met / 사전조건
  • Q4
    decisive (adj.)
    doing, giving, saying in an unwilling or reluctant way / 마지못해 하는
    capable of being shaped or molded; easily influenced or impressionable / 가소성 있는
    settling an issue, producing a definite result / 결정적인
    enduring pain or hardship without showing feelings or complaining / 스토아학의/무감정한 사람
  • Q5
    thus (adv.)
    esteem lightly; assign too low a value to; lose in value / ~을 과소평가하다, ~을 저평가하다
    to relieve / 완화시키다
    as a result or consequence of this, therefore / 따라서
    to ask (someone) in a serious and emotional way / 간청하다, 요청하다
  • Q6
    conditioning (n.)
    done or made in a gradual or fragmented manner / 단편적인
    offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power / 독재의, 독재적인
    capable of being touched or felt; perceptible / 만질 수 있는
    the process of training or accustoming a person or animal to behave in a certain way or to acceptcertain circumstances / 훈련
  • Q7
    nevertheless (adv.)
    to mock or humiliate / ~을 조롱하다, ~을 비웃다
    to begin again after stopping / 재개하다
    in spite of that, notwithstanding, all the same / 그럼에도 불구하고
    to push or poke against / 찌르다, 누르다, 살짝 밀다
  • Q8
    copulation (n.)
    excessive, unreasonably high / 과도한
    estimated or predicted based on current trends or data / 예상된
    sexual intercourse / 교미
    impossible to stop or prevent / 멈출 수 없는
  • Q9
    glean (v.)
    a thorough investigation or explore deeply / 조사하다
    to take (a number or amount) from another number or amount / 공제하다
    to cease developing or progressing / 정체되다
    obtain from various sources / 얻다
  • Q10
    tern (n.)
    a seabird related to the gulls, typically smaller and more slender, with long pointed wings and a forked tail / 제비갈매기
    luxurious/expensive / 사치스러운
    very clear; having no room for doubt or confusion / 명백한, 확실한, 애매하지 않은
    confusing or puzzling / 신비로운
  • Q11
    archetypical (adj.)
    the state of being equal in value or importance / 동등, 동등함
    very typical of a certain kind of person or thing / 전형적인
    having elaborately complex detail / 복잡함, 얽히고 설킴
    the quality of insight and sympathetic understanding; perception of that which is obscure; delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values); a feeling of understanding / 0
  • Q12
    ensure (v.)
    preliminary or rough drawing, description / 스케치, 대략적인 묘사
    a state of noisy confusion or disorder / 소란, 폭풍
    the ability to detect or recognize a difference / ~에 민감함, ~에 대해 세심함
    make certain that will occur or be the case / 보장하다
  • Q13
    mammalian (adj.)
    made up of various parts or elements / 복합의
    slim, narrow, or little in quantity / 얇은, 날씬한; 부족한, 불충분한, 제한된
    relating to or denoting a mammal / 포유류의
    relating to a system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and individual states or provinces / 연방의
  • Q14
    tundra (n.)
    display of disrespect; intense dislike / ~을 경멸하다
    a return to a former or less developed state / 회귀
    a vast, flat, treeless Arctic region of Europe, Asia, and North America in which the subsoil is permanently frozen / 동토대
    a warning against certain acts / 주의 사항, 경고
  • Q15
    sparse (adj.)
    thinly dispersed or scattered / 희박한
    to inform, educate / 깨우치다
    be a sign or indication of; represent / 나타내다
    to serve as a typical example or characteristic of something / 대표하다, 전형적이다

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