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  • Q1
    magnificent (adj.)
    strengthen or support physically or mentally / 유지하다
    to bother or annoy (someone) with many comments or questions / 성가시게 하다
    to enhance or exaggerate the power, status, or reputation of someone or something / 크게 만들다
    very good, excellent / 훌륭한
  • Q2
    collision (n.)
    the quality of being direct and outspoken;?without sharpness or clearness of edge or point / 무뚝뚝함, 직접적임, 솔직함; 뭉툭함
    an instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another / 충돌
    an official order or instruction / 명령
    lack of harmony, conflict / 불일치, 불협화음
  • Q3
    ridge (n.)
    to officially attach or associate with / 가맹하다
    a long, narrow hilltop, mountain range, or watershed / 산등성이
    to conceive of; to imagine / ~을 상상하다, ~을 마음속에 그리다
    engage in conversation / 대화하다
  • Q4
    soar (v.)
    to cause someone to experience or be affected by (something unpleasant or harmful) / 가하다
    fly or rise high in the air / 치솟다
    to attract and hold the attention of (someone) by being interesting, pretty, etc. / 매료시키다
    to spread throughout and be present in every part / 퍼지다
  • Q5
    basin (n.)
    having deep meaning or significance / 심오한
    characterized by hunting other animals; tending to exploit others / 포식하는, 사냥하는, 이용하는
    a circular or oval valley or natural depression on the earth's surface, especially onecontaining water / 유역
    of vital importance; crucial / 필수적인
  • Q6
    burst (v.)
    break open or apart suddenly and violently, especially as a result of an impact or internalpressure / 터지다
    impossible to defeat or overcome / 정복할 수 없는
    not restricted or restrained / 자유로운
    individually separate and distinct / 별개의
  • Q7
    erupt (v.)
    the act of surrendering or giving up / 항복
    quality, level / 수준
    a profession of belief; a statement used for evidence / 증언
    be ejected from an active volcano / 분출하다
  • Q8
    strain (n.)
    not capable of being defended or justified / 지지할 수 없는
    real, genuine / 정통성이 있는, 진짜인
    a force tending to pull or stretch something to an extreme or damaging degree / 압력
    friendly, cheerful / 상냥한
  • Q9
    scrape (v.)
    having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate / 복잡한, 정신없는
    drag or pull a hard or sharp implement across (a surface or object) so as to remove dirt orother matter / 긁다
    determined or controlled by an outside influence / 지배된
    wrongly thought out or planned (but not necessarily with bad intent) / 틀린, 의도는 좋지만 실행에서 잘못된
  • Q10
    cognitive (adj.)
    opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas; logically opposite / 부정, 부인; 모순되는
    belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine / 이단
    respect and admiration for someone or something / 존경
    relating to cognition / 인식의
  • Q11
    proposition (v.)
    make an offer or suggestion to / 제안하다
    not seeming reasonable or probable / 믿기 어려운
    characterized by a mutually beneficial relationship or dependence / 공생의
    strong and active physically or mentally / 활기찬, 힘찬, 활력이 넘치는
  • Q12
    eminent (adj.)
    although; even though / 비록 ~일지라도
    in this document, fact, or statement / 여기에
    in a way that is impossible to separate or disentangle / 풀릴 수 없이, 불가분하게
    famous and respected within a particular sphere / 저명한
  • Q13
    prowess (n.)
    to get or bring back; to recover / 되찾다, 회수하다
    to encourage; to make easier or more likely to happen / ~를 장려하다, ~가 더 잘 발생하도록 하다
    attempt to explain or justify (one's own or another's behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are not true or appropriate / 합리화하다
    skill or expertise in a particular activity or field / 기량
  • Q14
    gauge (v.)
    based on or described in a myth / 신화의
    overly dramatic (usually exaggerated) / 지나치게 감정적인; 너무 오바하는
    judge or assess / 판단하다
    according to the customs or usual practices / 관례상의
  • Q15
    infant (n.)
    in a way that is impossible to separate or disentangle / 풀릴 수 없이, 불가분하게
    a very young child or baby / 유아
    as a consequence; for this reason / 그래서
    in this document, fact, or statement / 여기에

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