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  • Q1
    establish (v.)
    complaining in a petulant or whining manner / 투덜거리는
    set up on a firm or permanent basis / 설립하다
    understood or implied without being stated / 암묵적인
    boring because it is always the same / 단조로운
  • Q2
    fleet (n.)
    occurring, operating, or done at the same time / 동시에
    not physical, unable to be grasped / 물리적이지 않은
    a number of vehicles or aircraft operating together or under the same ownership / 함대
    extremely poor, poverty-stricken / 가난한
  • Q3
    aid (n.)
    too great to be overcome / 극복할 수 없는
    united, well-integrated / 응집력 있는
    derived from experience or the experience of existence / 경험의, 경험상의
    help, typically of a practical nature / 지원
  • Q4
    substantial (adj.)
    the act of reaching out or extending efforts to others / 외부로의 확장
    a typical example or pattern of something / 패러다임
    of considerable importance, size, or worth / 상당한
    the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge / 어휘
  • Q5
    expenditure (n.)
    the extent or size of something / 크기
    calmness, self-control / 침착함
    an amount of money spent / 지출
    the rejection of religious and moral principles, often resulting in a belief in nothingness and meaninglessness / 허무주의
  • Q6
    afford (v.)
    informal, conversational / 구어체의
    difficult to control, manage, or manipulate / 다루기 어려운
    relating to, situated on, or acting as a periphery or outer boundary / 주변의
    have enough money to pay for / 여유가 되다
  • Q7
    specter (n.)
    to make isolated or emotionally disassociated / ~을 소외시키다
    to extend across or cover a period of time; a range or extent / 걸치다
    something widely feared as a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurrence / 무서운 것
    to limit (a claim); to specify a condition to make a claim narrower / (어떤 주장을) 제한하다, 더 구체적으로 만들다
  • Q8
    revenue (n.)
    impossible to defeat or subdue / 굴하지 않는
    income, especially when of an organization and of a substantial nature / 수익
    keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties / 경계하는
    in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor / 쇠퇴하는
  • Q9
    certainly (adv.)
    to justify; to show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for / ~을 정당화하다
    to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult / 계속하다
    to take (something) away from someone especially as punishment or to enforce the law or rules / 압수하다
    used to emphasize the speaker's belief that what is said is true / 분명히
  • Q10
    alarming (adj.)
    arousing intense emotion / 가슴에 사무치는
    hardworking, thorough / 근면한
    alarming / 걱정스러운
    involving a great amount of effort, difficulty, or obligation / 부담스러운
  • Q11
    teem (v.)
    a tendency or inclination towards a particular thing / 선호, 성향
    understanding another's feelings / 공감
    a large area of land with a large house or mansion on it / 부동산
    be full of or swarming with / 바글거리다
  • Q12
    immense (adj.)
    make or enact laws / 입법하다
    to lift/remove and place somewhere else / ~을 (통채로) 옮기다
    extremely large or great, especially in scale or degree / 엄청난
    to speed up the progress of / ~을 빨리 보내다, ~가 더 빨리 되게 하다
  • Q13
    devastation (n.)
    to come together or unite into one / 합체하다
    to shorten by cutting off a part / 절단하다
    to suppress; to limit / ~을 억제하다
    great destruction or damage / 대대적인 파괴
  • Q14
    dislocation (n.)
    disturbance from a proper, original, or usual place or state / 혼란
    to reach a conclusion / ~에 대해 결론을 내리다, 정착하다
    to comply / 순응하다
    to think and talk about someone or something too much / 사로잡다
  • Q15
    disastrous (adj.)
    causing great damage / 처참한
    relating to a spiritual or nonphysical realm; beyond ordinary experience / 초월적인
    generous and forgiving, especially toward a rival or less powerful person / 관대한
    done without preparation, impromptu / 즉흥적인

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