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70 questions
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  • Q1
    ambiguous (adj.)
    to replace or take the place of / 대체하다
    to criticize, belittle / 비하하다, 깔보다
    to pull back; to take back / 뒤로 빼다 (혹은 빠지다); 철회하다
    that can be understood in more than one way; having different meanings / 애매모호한
  • Q2
    controversial (adj.)
    involving a great amount of effort, difficulty, or obligation / 부담스러운
    in agreement or harmony / 적합한
    relating to the special skills, training, etc., that you need for a particular job or occupation / 직업의
    causing a lot of angry public discussion and disagreement / 논란이 많은
  • Q3
    vast (adj.)
    extremely large in area, size, amount, etc. / 어마어마한
    lacking poetic beauty; commonplace / 평범한
    done or made quickly and without thought about what will happen as a result / 성급한
    combining well together and enhancing each other's qualities / 보완적인
  • Q4
    questionable (adj.)
    involvement in wrongdoing / 공범성, 연루
    state of uncertainty regarding a choice between two things / 딜레마, 2개 중 고민이 되는 상황
    that you have doubts about because you think it is not accurate or correct / 의심스러운
    a large amount of rain that suddenly falls in an area / 대홍수
  • Q5
    span (v.)
    to hurt, kill, or punish (someone or something) / 악의, 심술부리다
    to last all through a period of time or to cover the whole of it / 가로지르다
    to surrender / 항복하다
    to get, gather, or put together as one whole / ~을 수집하다, (따로 있던 것들을) 하나로 합치다
  • Q6
    hierarchical (adj.)
    arranged in a hierarchy / 계층형
    imaginary, based on thought / 상상의, 공상적인
    following in time or order / 후속하는, 뒤따르는
    lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time / 무기한의
  • Q7
    subsistence (n.)
    the fundamental character or spirit / 윤리
    the state of having just enough money or food to stay alive / 최저의
    the occurrence of fortunate or unexpected events by chance / 우연한 발견
    quantity more than needed (too much) / 넘치는 것
  • Q8
    accountant (n.)
    in deep thoguht / 생각에 잠긴
    a person whose job is to keep or check financial accounts / 회계원
    having or showing the attitude of people who speak and behave in a very formal and serious way because they believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people / 거만한
    massive, solid, uniform, or unyielding in character / 거대한, 단일체의
  • Q9
    conscript (v.)
    to order somebody by law to join the armed forces / 징집하다
    oppressive government or rule / 억압하는 정부/통치, 독재
    the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge / 어휘
    a system of government or business that has many complicated rules and ways of doing things / 관료주의
  • Q10
    assimilate (v.)
    to save something (such as a building, a ship, or cargo) that is in danger of being completely destroyed / 구조하다
    to fully understand an idea or some information so that you are able to use it yourself / 동화되다
    to hold or maintain; to endure / ~를 들다, 유지하다; ~를 견디다
    to cause, produce / 야기하다
  • Q11
    ubiquitous (adj.)
    to apply to other, broader contexts or situations / ~를 다른 혹은 더 큰 개념이나 상황에 적용하다
    seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time; very common / 어디에나 있는
    to make unclear or confusing / 혼동시키다
    to prevent or obstruct; to dishearten / ~가 잘 안되도록 하다; ~을 기죽이다, ~을 낙담시키다
  • Q12
    accommodate (v.)
    to provide somebody with a room or place to sleep, live or sit / 공간을 제공하다
    a person who doubts or questions accepted opinions / 회의론자
    the process of coming into existence or becoming known / 출현
    a sudden outburst or release / 분출
  • Q13
    deliberately (adv.)
    done in a way that was planned, not by chance / 의도적으로
    deceitfulness; double-dealing / 이중성
    a statement made about the future / 예측, 예보
    conformity to facts; accuracy / 진실성
  • Q14
    harmonious (adj.)
    friendly, peaceful and without any arguments / 사이가 좋은
    a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease / 불안감
    an assembly or a crowd / 무리, 떼
    something out of time / 시대착오
  • Q15
    integrate (v.)
    to combine two or more things so that they work together; to combine with something else in this way / 통합시키다
    to carry out or commit (a harmful or illegal act) / 저지르다
    to strongly urge, advise / 충고하다
    to use up or consume / 소비하다

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