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TOEIC Part 4 Short Talks

Quiz by Yessenia Gonzalez

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the main topic of this report?
    City traffic laws
    Alternate driving routes
    Downtown entertainment
    Online news updates
  • Q2
    Who will provide assistance to the public?
    Traffic controllers
    Shop owners
    Bus drivers
    Construction workers
  • Q3
    What type of information is available by telephone?
    Weather reports
    Store hours
    Sales promotions
    Traffic updates
  • Q4
    Why did Trevor Davis call?
    To confirm a fax number
    To provide information about a meeting
    To reschedule a meeting
    To request a telephone number
  • Q5
    What should Mr. McDuffee do before 4 p.m.?
    E-mail the Kenner company
    To provide information about a meeting
    Finish writing the contract
    Send comments about the agenda
  • Q6
    Where will Mr. McDuffee be when the group meets?
    At home
    On an airplane
    In an office
    In a television studio
  • Q7
    What is the main purpose of the talk?
    To introduce an employee
    To announce a job opening
    To describe a department's function
    To answer a question about advertisement
  • Q8
    What is Ms. Hashimoto's new position?
    Production manager
    Marketing supervisor
    Development officer
    Public relations director
  • Q9
    How are other employees asked to assist Ms. Hashimoto?
    By setting up her office
    By telling her about the local area
    By providing technical training
    By giving her a tour of the building
  • Q10
    Where does the announcement probably take place?
    At an airport
    On a tour bus
    On a ship
    In a train station
  • Q11
    According to the talk, why is there a delay?
    Luggage is still being loaded
    Traffic is heavy
    Weather conditions are bad
    There are mechanical problems
  • Q12
    Where did a delay occur?
    In Moscow
    In New York
    In Chicago
    In Paris
  • Q13
    Who is probably speaking?
    The president of the Tucker Firm
    A representative of the Sedonar Company
    A performance artist
    A business news reporter
  • Q14
    What type of business is Sedonar?
    An investment firm
    A furniture manufacturer
    A flower shop
    A film production company
  • Q15
    How has Sedonar saved money?
    By closing production plants
    By limiting expenses
    By selling the Tucker Firm
    By increasing efficiency

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