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Tone and Mood

Quiz by Thameen Ahmad

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    1. What is tone in writing?
    The reader's feelings about the subject.
    The author's attitude toward the subject.
    The reader's attitude toward the subject.
    The sound that comes from a piano when you press a key.
  • Q2
    2. If a passages tone is playful, the author's attitude is...
    full of amusement, lighthearted.
    haunting, spooky.
    serious, non humorous.
  • Q3
    3. The definition of mood is
    working with a partner to check your writing.
    overall feelings or emotions that are created in the reader.
    the overall feelings or emotions in the writer.
    revising your writing so that it is free of errors.
  • Q4
    4. . If a piece of text gives you a nonchalant mood you are feeling
    humorous and comical.
    confident and eager to move forward.
    calm or relaxed.
    excited and playful.

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