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Topic: 5.7-5.8 Earth and Space (2)

Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 5
Science (2010)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 5
Science (2010)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

5.7.A: Earth and Space
5.7.B: Earth and Space
5.8.C: Earth and Space
5.7.C: Earth and Space
5.8.B: Earth and Space
5.8.A: Earth and Space

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  • Q1
    Fossil fuels formed over long periods of time after particles in water settled to the sea floor and formed marine mud. What kinds of particles needed to be present in the marine mud in order for fossil fuels to form?
    Mostly decaying organisms
    Mostly sand and a few small bits of wood
    Mostly lava and a few sedimentary rocks
    Mostly metal minerals
    5.7.A: Earth and Space
  • Q2
    The photograph below shows a canyon in northern Arizona. Which of these describes how this canyon was most likely formed?
    Question Image
    Glaciers eroded the canyon rock as they melted and moved.
    Floods eroded the sandstone away from the canyon walls.
    Ice wedged into cracks in the rock and weathered the canyon walls.
    Wind blew large rocks that smashed against the canyon walls.
    5.7.B: Earth and Space
  • Q3
    A student is looking for evidence that Earth is always rotating on its axis. Which of the following would provide the best evidence?
    The different amount of rain that falls each day
    The different phases of the moon in a month
    The presence of other planets in the night sky
    The appearance of shadows changing throughout the day
    5.8.C: Earth and Space
  • Q4
    A group of fifth-grade students was researching alternative energy resources in the school library. Each student made a list of resources. Which list contains only alternative energy resources?
    5.7.C: Earth and Space
  • Q5
    A wide U-shaped valley is shown in the photograph below. This valley was most likely formed by —
    Question Image
    a glacier
    a hurricane
    melting snow
    flash flooding
    5.7.B: Earth and Space

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