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  • Q1
    Fossil fuels formed over long periods of time after particles in water settled to the sea floor and formed marine mud. What kinds of particles needed to be present in the marine mud in order for fossil fuels to form?
    Mostly decaying organisms
    Mostly sand and a few small bits of wood
    Mostly lava and a few sedimentary rocks
    Mostly metal minerals
    5.7.A: Earth and Space
  • Q2
    The photograph below shows a canyon in northern Arizona. Which of these describes how this canyon was most likely formed?
    Question Image
    Glaciers eroded the canyon rock as they melted and moved.
    Floods eroded the sandstone away from the canyon walls.
    Ice wedged into cracks in the rock and weathered the canyon walls.
    Wind blew large rocks that smashed against the canyon walls.
    5.7.B: Earth and Space
  • Q3
    A student is looking for evidence that Earth is always rotating on its axis. Which of the following would provide the best evidence?
    The different amount of rain that falls each day
    The different phases of the moon in a month
    The presence of other planets in the night sky
    The appearance of shadows changing throughout the day
    5.8.C: Earth and Space
  • Q4
    A group of fifth-grade students was researching alternative energy resources in the school library. Each student made a list of resources. Which list contains only alternative energy resources?
    5.7.C: Earth and Space
  • Q5
    A wide U-shaped valley is shown in the photograph below. This valley was most likely formed by —
    Question Image
    a glacier
    a hurricane
    melting snow
    flash flooding
    5.7.B: Earth and Space
  • Q6
    Some students make a model to show one of the first steps in the formation of sedimentary rock. The students pour 2 centimeters of light-colored sand into a clear plastic box. Then they add 1 centimeter of gravel. Finally they pour 2 centimeters of dark-colored sand on top of the gravel. Which characteristic of sedimentary rock does this model best show?
    Sedimentary rock is made of layers.
    Sedimentary rock is cemented bits of rock.
    Sedimentary rock is often limestone.
    Sedimentary rock is common in Texas.
    5.7.A: Earth and Space
  • Q7
    A student draws a model showing the movements of Earth, the moon, and the sun. Which arrow shows the movement that causes day and night on Earth?
    Question Image
    Arrow 4, because it shows the rotation of Earth
    Arrow 3, because it shows the orbit of the moon around Earth
    Arrow 2, because it shows the orbit of Earth around the sun
    Arrow 1, because it shows the rotation of the sun
    5.8.C: Earth and Space
  • Q8
    Erosion is one of the processes involved in the formation of sedimentary rock. Which of these best describes the process of erosion?
    Rocks are broken into smaller pieces that remain in the same location.
    Pieces of rock or soil are carried from one place to another.
    Pressure compacts layers of sediment and turns them into rock.
    Sediment grains fall to the bottom of a lake to form sedimentary layers.
    5.7.A: Earth and Space
  • Q9
    Citizens in a community were surveyed about the type of energy resource they would like for a new power plant. The results of the survey are shown in the table. How many citizens chose alternative energy resources? Be sure to use the correct place value.
    Question Image
    Users enter free text
    Type an Answer
    5.7.C: Earth and Space
  • Q10
    Students constructed this model of a hill by covering sugar cubes with clay. The students placed the model in a large pan and poured hot water over it every day for a week. What does the model best represent?
    Question Image
    A method for separating minerals
    The formation of caves in hills
    A method for removing fossil fuels from hills
    The formation of plains
    5.7.B: Earth and Space
  • Q11
    Most alternative energy resources produce more energy at certain times. Which combination can produce a steady flow of energy from only alternative resources 24 hours a day year-round?
    Wind and coal
    Hydroelectric and geothermal
    Solar and petroleum
    Geothermal and natural gas
    5.7.C: Earth and Space
  • Q12
    This photograph shows a beach on a partly sunny day. Which of the following is an interaction between the sun and the ocean that results in clouds forming near the beach?
    Question Image
    Light from the sun reflects off the surface of the ocean.
    Energy from the sun causes precipitation over the ocean.
    Light from the sun decreases the amount of water vapor in the air over the ocean.
    Energy from the sun causes water to evaporate from the ocean.
    5.8.B: Earth and Space
  • Q13
    Some scientists measured and recorded local rainfall amounts and water levels at several local lakes over the summer. They compared their measurements with data from the past 30 years. The scientists concluded that the area was drier this summer than in previous years. They plan to continue recording these measurements each summer for the next decade. What characteristic of the area are the scientists studying?
    Weather, because they expect rainfall amounts and water levels to continue to decrease
    Weather, because they are tracking changes only to their local environment
    Climate, because they are comparing rainfall amounts over a long period of time
    Climate, because they are making more than one type of measurement
    5.8.A: Earth and Space
  • Q14
    This photograph shows plants growing on the surface of a pond. How do plants like these form fossil fuels?
    Question Image
    The dead plants get buried for millions of years and form fossils that attract carbon.
    The dead plants produce carbon that is consumed by fish, which form fossils.
    The dead plants sink to the bottom of the pond and are consumed by decomposers.
    The dead plants sink to the bottom of the pond and get buried by sediment for millions of years.
    5.7.A: Earth and Space
  • Q15
    Monahans Sandhills State Park in Texas has almost 4,000 acres of sand dunes. Some of the dunes are as tall as a six-story building. The dunes in the park are formed by —
    Question Image
    strong winds
    5.7.B: Earth and Space

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