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Topic: Artificial Intelligence: Current and Future Trends in Media and Information

Quiz by Rodelito Paras

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    1. What is Artificial Intelligence?
    A. Human-like robots
    D. None of the above
    B. Computer systems that perform tasks requiring human intelligence
    C. Advanced gaming technology
  • Q2
    2. Which of the following is an example of AI in media?
    - C. Radio broadcasts
    - B. Traditional newspapers
    - A. Social media platforms
    - D. None of the above
  • Q3
    3. How can AI be integrated into research?
    - A. Enhancing data analysis
    - D. None of the above
    - B. Writing research papers automatically
    - C. Conducting interviews
  • Q4
    4. What is an ethical consideration when using AI in media?
    - B. Job loss
    - D. None of the above
    - C. Increased human creativity
    - A. Decreased efficiency
  • Q5
    5. Why is it important to evaluate current trends in media and information?
    - A. To stay updated with the latest technologies
    - B. To understand their impact on society
    - C. Both A and B
    - D. None of the above
  • Q6
    6. Which of the following is NOT a potential impact of AI on employment?
    - C. Increased demand for low-skilled jobs
    - D. None of the above
    - A. Job creation in AI-related fields
    - B. Job displacement in routine tasks
  • Q7
    7. What is the role of AI in personalized content delivery on streaming platforms?
    - B. Creating content automatically
    - A. Analyzing viewer preferences to recommend content
    - C. Broadcasting live events
    - D. None of the above
  • Q8
    8. In the context of AI, what does NLP stand for?
    - B. Neural Language Programming
    - A. Natural Language Processing
    - C. Non-linear Linguistic Processing
    - D. None of the above
  • Q9
    9. What is a potential ethical concern related to AI in media creation?
    - A. Increased efficiency in content production
    - D. None of the above
    - C. Human-like creativity
    - B. Lack of diversity in content generation
  • Q10
    10. How does AI contribute to information filtering on social media?
    - A. Identifying and removing fake accounts
    - B. Controlling user interactions
    - D. None of the above
    - C. Both A and B
  • Q11
    11. Which area does AI NOT impact in the field of journalism?
    - C. Human decision-making in ethical dilemmas
    - D. None of the above
    - B. Data analysis for investigative reporting
    - A. Automated content creation
  • Q12
    12. What is the main advantage of using AI in data analysis?
    - D. None of the above
    - B. Increased speed and efficiency
    - C. Limited data processing capabilities
    - A. Decreased accuracy
  • Q13
    13. What is the potential societal benefit of AI in healthcare information?
    - C. Limited patient data security
    - A. Decreased accessibility to medical services
    - D. None of the above
    - B. Improved diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Q14
    14. What is the role of AI in the recommendation systems of e-commerce platforms?
    - A. Predicting stock market trends
    - B. Analyzing consumer behavior to suggest products
    - D. None of the above
    - C. Designing marketing campaigns
  • Q15
    15. What does the term "algorithm bias" refer to in the context of AI?
    - A. Unintended discrimination in AI decision-making
    - C. Lack of transparency in AI processes
    - B. Perfect accuracy in AI predictions
    - D. None of the above

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