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Topic: Craft and Structure (ELA - Reading: Literature)

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  • Q1
    Read the sentence from paragraph 31 in the passage from "Boy's Life". What does the word "unencumbered" mean as it is used in the sentence?
    Question Image
    not aged
    not hurried
    not excited
    not burdened
  • Q2
    Read the sentence from paragraph 5 in the passage from "Boy's Life". How does the sentence help develop the plot of the passage?
    Question Image
    It indicates how the action changes.
    It presents the climax.
    It establishes how the speaker learns a lesson.
    It represents the conflict.
  • Q3
    As used in paragraph 1, what does the word "confining" suggest about the walls?
    The walls are small.
    The walls are helpful.
    The walls are limiting.
    The walls are reassuring.
  • Q4
    Read this sentence from the passage. Which statement BEST describes how this sentence contributes to the development of the plot?
    Question Image
    The sentence introduces new details about the setting that allow the reader to predict what will happen in the future.
    The sentence reveals background information that makes the problem clearer to the reader.
    The sentence reflects the change in the animal's awareness that eventually leads to action.
    The sentence provides an example of the many challenges that the animal faces in his changing surroundings.
  • Q5
    How does the storm in paragraph 5 contribute to the passage?
    It establishes a conflict between the characters.
    It introduces Sally's concern about bad weather.
    It represents Sally's fear of her changing situation.
    It develops the weather as a villain character type.
  • Q6
    Which option describes the MAIN purpose of paragraph 8 in the passage?
    to give the reasons Mrs. Chipley and Sally are going to Aunt Sarah's house
    to explain that Mrs. Chipley has a daughter who needs help
    to show Sally's confusion about how to handle the situation
    to reveal that Sally's Aunt Sarah will be in town only for a short time
  • Q7
    What is the meaning of the word "surmises" as it is used in paragraph 8?
  • Q8
    What is the meaning of "tempest" as it is used in line 17 of the song in the passage from "The Life of a Ship from the Launch to the Wreck"?
    Question Image
    noisy ship
    fierce storm
    calm breeze
    foreign sailor
  • Q9
    What is the relationship between the song at the beginning of the passage from "The Life of a Ship from the Launch to the Wreck" and the story that comes after it?
    Question Image
    It sets the tone for how Davy feels about the sea.
    It gives the reader information about Davy's life.
    It establishes the perspective Davy's family has about the sea.
    It helps the reader understand the symbolism of sea travel.
  • Q10
    How does the author develop Davy's point of view in the passage from "The Life of a Ship from the Launch to the Wreck"?
    by describing his relationship with his mother
    by describing how he develops from a child to a man
    by describing his family background and childhood dreams
    by describing how he and his father spend their days

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