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Topic: Key Ideas and Details

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What does paragraph 4 MOST reveal about the mother?
    She has a hard time relaxing.
    She has devotion for animals.
    She is tireless.
    She is responsible.
  • Q2
    What does paragraph 9 MAINLY reveal about the narrator?
    She loves language and has a vivid imagination.
    She pays attention to yearly patterns.
    She thinks of nature as calming
    She is attached to familiar things and is close to her family.
  • Q3
    Which idea would be MOST important to include in a summary of the story?
    "I took off my apron and was running across to the barn for the pickup before Dad had taken his hat from behind the door:' (paragraph 17)
    "She stood there untying her bandanna and I watched her as though I didn't know her face better than my own:' (paragraph 14)
    "It might go higher along toward Christmas, but we couldn't wait for that:' (paragraph 2)
    "We had to sell our wheat this month and not hold it over; that is, we did if I was going to the university that fall:' (paragraph 2)
  • Q4
    What does paragraph 2 most reveal about Eliza?
    She gets easily distracted.
    She thinks her father knows best.
    She has a strong imagination.
    She seldom misspells a word.
  • Q5
    Which quotation BEST expresses a central idea of the story?
    "She wants to win with a word so difficult her father will have to admit that he was wrong, that the letters are already guiding her." (paragraph 1)
    "The judge's voice is ever neutral, revealing nothing." (paragraph 21)
    "Eliza finds herself bracing for the next blow, but none comes." (paragraph 10)
    "Eliza wants to see herself through the judge's eyes." (paragraph 22)
  • Q6
    The ideas in paragraphs 22 and 26 MOSTYLY contribute to the reader's understanding of Eliza by revealing
    her discomfort standing in front of the audience
    her inability to understand the judges
    her difficulty with spelling the assigned word correctly
    her concern about impressing her father
  • Q7
    What does paragraph 31 MAINLY reveal about Eliza?
    her intelligence
    her confidence
    her patience
    her enthusiasm
  • Q8
    Which detail would be MOST important to include in a summary of the story?
    Eliza empties her mind and sees the letters come up as images.
    Eliza is one of seventeen spellers in this round of the spelling bee.
    Eliza knows that difficult words follow easy words at spelling bees.
    Eliza gets a word that means a kind of fabric with a twill weave.

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