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Topic: Reading/Comprehension of Informational Text/Expository Text

Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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38 questions
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  • Q1
    The author includes the quotation in paragraph 16 primarily to substantiate the opinion that -
    renovations made to Yankee Stadium in the 1970s were necessary
    baseball can no longer legitimately be considered the national pastime
    Yankee Stadium remains a magical place even after major changes
    Crystal has matured since his first visit to Yankee Stadium
  • Q2
    From paragraph 9, the reader can infer that Crystal was -
    interested in baseball primarily as a way to please his father
    an incredibly dedicated baseball fan
    determined to be a professional baseball player
    not interested in a career as an actor when he was a teenager
  • Q3
    Which line provides the strongest evidence that Crystal gained the trust of his childhood hero?
    The Mick said on several occasions if anyone ever did produce a movie about him, he'd want it to be Crystal.
    Nearly a half-century after his first trip there, Yankee Stadium remains one of the most special places in Crystal's world.
    "I remember saying, 'Who's pitching today, Casey?' and he looked at me and said, 'You are, kid, suit up.'"
    The Mick's loooooong home run capped an extraordinary day for young Billy-a day that would change his life forever.
  • Q4
    Read this sentence from paragraph 16. In this sentence, the author is trying to show that Summitt -
    Question Image
    frequently sought out opportunities to appear on television
    compromised her standards occasionally
    was able to pick and choose which teams to play
    took on a role in women's sports that went beyond coaching
  • Q5
    Why does the author end the article with a quotation?
    To suggest that Pat Summitt's accomplishments may soon be eclipsed
    To show how Pat Summitt will likely be remembered over time
    To imply that female coaches will never win as many games as male coaches
    To provide an opinion that differs from those expressed in the rest of the article
  • Q6
    Which of these best summarizes the article?
    Throughout her career, Pat Summitt has been an important figure in women's sports. Although it was difficult for her to face the discrimination directed at female players and coaches, she managed to have successful seasons at the University of Tennessee.
    Although Pat Summitt had been a very successful basketball coach for many years, her primary accomplishment came after she developed Alzheimer's disease. By refusing to hide her diagnosis from the public and vowing to continue coaching, she set a powerful example for others.
    The popularity of women's sports today is largely the result of the enactment of Title IX in 1972. Before that, female athletes like Pat Summitt had little funding or support for their teams. Pat Summitt's success is an example of how Title IX helped women athletes and coaches.
    Through her determination to lead and succeed, Pat Summitt has become both a successful coach and an inspiration to female athletes. She applied the work ethic she learned as a child to her playing and coaching career, ultimately winning more games than any other college coach.
  • Q7
    Which sentence from the article suggests that Happy Feet may have become accustomed to living in captivity?
    The penguin slipped down the slide on his stomach, bottom first, she said.
    But when they opened the door of the crate, the penguin showed no interest in leaving.
    At first, conservation authorities said they would wait and let nature take its course with the penguin.
    And, perhaps befitting of a bird from the Internet age, those followers will be able to keep track of him for a while longer.
  • Q8
    The author's use of the nickname "Happy Feet" throughout the selection -
    highlights the popularity of penguins
    reinforces the penguin's carefree nature
    emphasizes that the penguin has been tamed
    makes the penguin seem to have a personality
  • Q9
    The author organizes this article by -
    explaining how a penguin became ill, and then interviewing the veterinarian who cared for the penguin
    comparing the life of a penguin in captivity with the life of a penguin in the wild
    describing the outcome of efforts to rescue a penguin, and then recounting how the penguin was saved
    presenting in chronological order the events that led to the penguin becoming a media celebrity
  • Q10
    In paragraph 36, the word 'inured' means -
  • Q11
    Why does Alejandro allow the old woman to stay in the clinic?
    He doesn't trust the nursing home staff to know how to care for her.
    He assumes that the nursing home director has political connections.
    He doesn't want to release her until the results of her blood test arrive.
    He wants to be present when the old woman's granddaughter arrives.
  • Q12
    Which line suggests that Alejandro is sensitive to the feelings of others?
    And she looks a lot worse than she did yesterday, he didn't say.
    Why an old lady would come to ski or practice extreme sports was beyond him.
    Dr. Alejandro Benetti shook his head in frustration.
    "Well, I know what kills them, and how to keep that from happening."
  • Q13
    Read paragraph 33. The tone of this paragraph can best be described as -
    Question Image
  • Q14
    What can the reader conclude from paragraph 1?
    The author is writing for readers who are potential volunteers.
    The author spends much of his time volunteering in hospitals.
    Aravind Eye Hospital prefers that the people who visit volunteer to help the patients.
    Aravind Eye Hospital has a large paid staff and doesn't depend heavily on its volunteers.
  • Q15
    The author organizes the selection by -
    noting the improvements in Indian medical care since Dr. V began his practice and describing his plans for expanding into other countries
    comparing the work of the hospital with the work of other hospitals in India
    providing a chronological account of his volunteer activities at the hospital
    summarizing his brief experience with Dr. V and citing some facts about the work of the eye hospital

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