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Topic: Writing/Persuasive Texts

Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Damian has not effectively stated the position he is taking in this paper. Which of the following could best replace sentence 7 and provide a stronger position statement for Damian's paper?
    There are groups that review human rights violations in this country as well as in other countries around the world.
    I plan to vote in both national and local elections.
    Can you believe this outrageous statistic?
    This low voter turnout is appalling, and all Americans should exercise their right to vote.
  • Q2
    Damian needs a stronger closing for his paper. Which sentences should he add after sentence 28 to bring his paper to a more effective conclusion?
    Don't be lazy. Get off the couch and do something that matters.
    You must be the one who changes this. It isn't fair to make others think they have all the rights.
    When Election Day comes, go to the polls and cast your vote. It's not only your right but also your responsibility.
    You'll feel better if you persuade people to vote. You can help make your community more vibrant.
  • Q3
    Simon's paper needs a position statement. Which of these sentences could best follow sentence 7 and state the position that Simon is taking in this paper?
    We have many bicyclists on the roadways of our town.
    It's time to require cyclists to register and license their bikes.
    They're drivers and should be given the respect that they deserve.
    If they're going to use public roadways, they should own them, too.
  • Q4
    Which of these sentences could best follow and support sentence 13?
    People don't think about how their actions make others feel.
    They consider others, and they recognize and follow rules.
    This means that these commuters are usually polite and nice.
    The next time you're on the road, pay attention to those around you.
  • Q5
    Simon needs to respond to an argument he has suggested that people will make. Which of the following could come after sentence 32 and best accomplish this goal?
    Bikes don't create potholes, and they don't leave grease and gas marks.
    With that said, it wouldn't be fair to ask bicyclists to pay to use the roadways.
    Bicyclists just want a place to be certain that they can ride on the roads safely.
    This is true, so I would suggest that bike fees be significantly lower than automobile fees.
  • Q6
    Simon needs a sentence to help close his paper. Which sentence could be added to the very end of this paper to help bring it to an effective conclusion?
    If you own or have access to a bicycle, it might just be the perfect time for you to start riding it to school or work.
    I'm convinced that requiring bicyclists to register and license their bikes would result in safer streets and happier travels for all.
    Bicycling is clearly the most effective form of transportation, and we should encourage all riders to participate actively.
    In closing, it's time for us to add some rules and regulations that all bicyclists will be able to follow and that motorists will appreciate.
  • Q7
    Susan needs a better transition from the third paragraph (sentences 15-20) to the fourth paragraph (sentences 21-25). Which of the following can be added to the beginning of the fourth paragraph, just before sentence 21, to strengthen this transition?
    In a few short years, most teens in our school will be entering the job market or college.
    In a business setting, a teen will need to know how to understand his coworkers.
    Learning to read people's communication cues will help build opportunities for teens.
    This ability to communicate in person becomes even more important as teenagers get older.
  • Q8
    Sentence 26 does not effectively open the last paragraph (sentences 26-28). Which of the following can replace sentence 26 and help strengthen the concluding paragraph of this paper?
    Every teen will need to practice offline communication so they can get used to talking with others.
    Both online and offline relationships are important in today's world of instant communication.
    Dealing with people when you are a teen offline will help you in a handful of critical ways.
    Offline networking is important because it can improve a teenager's well-being and help prepare him for the future.'
  • Q9
    What is the most effective revision to make in sentence 3?
    But it wasn't often that a news story about a cow was so remarkable that when engaged, it made national headlines for a week with the problem-solving skills of people all over the country.
    No revision is needed in sentence 3.
    But it wasn't often that a news story about a cow was so remarkable that it made national headlines for a week and engaged the problem-solving skills of people all over the country.
    But it wasn't often that a news story about a cow was so remarkable that it made national headlines for a week, so the problem-solving skills of people all over the country were engaged.
  • Q10
    Xavier would like to add some sentences to help transition from the third paragraph (sentences 14-17) to the fourth paragraph (sentences 18-26). Which of the following could Xavier add after sentence 17?
    People from all around the country had ideas that they wanted to share. Some were good; others not so much.
    Should they tear it down? Should they use a helicopter?
    A helicopter could be dangerous. Obviously, it would be costly.
    Each suggestion had its own problems. And in the meantime Grady remained stuck.
  • Q11
    Xavier realizes that he should have added the following sentence to the fourth paragraph (sentences 18-26). Where is the most effective place to insert this sentence?
    Question Image
    After sentence 22
    After sentence 19
    After sentence 18
    After sentence 24
  • Q12
    Which of the following could replace sentence 3 and better articulate the position Kayla is trying to take in this paper?
    However, in recent years the line between the two has blurred, making it more important than ever for people to be cognizant of how they present themselves online.
    Social networking, through such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is common today among teens, adults, and even the elderly.
    People could act and talk a certain way online, but in real life they may be totally different.
    However, in today's world, where Internet activity is such a common occurrence, an online persona cannot be separated from real-life activities and views.
  • Q13
    Kayla wants to provide a stronger transition between the second paragraph (sentences 4-12) and the third paragraph (sentences 13-16). Which of the following could best replace sentence 13 and accomplish this goal?
    There are also dangers in posting other kinds of information on social media.
    Be cautious as you give out information about other people, too.
    Listen to this story about what happened to one couple.
    Some employers will be concerned about information you may have posted many years ago.
  • Q14
    Kayla wants to add a quotation that will help support the idea presented in sentence 16. Analyze the quotations below. Which of these would be the most effective to insert after sentence 16?
    The founder of Facebook once said, "When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place."
    "Our head of social media is the customer," said a spokesperson for one well-known company.
    "We're all social creatures," one magazine states.
    One state official noted, "It's the same as giving the key to your house to a burglar."
  • Q15
    Kelly wants to add a more effective transition between the second paragraph (sentences 4-11) and the third paragraph (sentences 12-14). Which of the following sentences should be added before sentence 12 to help readers effectively transition from the second to the third paragraph?
    Interfering with the natural circadian rhythms is equally distracting.
    Sleepiness also may occur if the body's circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, is disrupted.
    Perhaps more serious, though, is how this sleepiness can affect a person's mood.
    Using the snooze button can have a negative impact on a person's health.

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