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Topographic Map

Quiz by Chris Rafalik

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which area of the coastline has most likely experienced the greatest effect of erosion from waves over hundreds of years?
    Question Image
    Area N
    Area T
    Area P
    Area S
  • Q2
    What height in meters must the student climb in order to reach the top of the hill?
    Question Image
    50 m
    153 m
    253 m
    303 m
  • Q3
    Without this transfer of sand, what would most likely occur in this area in the future?
    Question Image
    The ship channel would become shallower, and the beach would become narrower
    The ship channel would become wider, and the island would into the Gulf of Mexico
    The ship channel would become deeper, and the island would move west towards the mainland.
    The ship channel would become narrower, and the island would become completely covered with water.
  • Q4
    How will this crater most likely change over time?
    Question Image
    It will get deeper as it fills with water
    It will widen as it fills with lava
    It will become less deep as the rim erodes
    It will rise up like a volcanic crater
  • Q5
    What is the difference in elevation in meters between Point X and Point Y on the map?
    Question Image
    1240 m
    1600 m
    360 m
    400 m

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