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Touching Spirit Bear Ch 14-20

Quiz by Tammy Snider

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    When he left the hospital after six months, Cole
    walked out with his mom and Garvey
    was going back to the island
    was in a wheelchair
    had to be put in handcuffs
  • Q2
    This person didn't even visit Cole one time while he was in the hospital.
    a doctor
    his father
    his mom
  • Q3
    Cole's father was finally arrested for
    escaping from house arrest
    robbing a store
    drinking and driving
    child abuse
  • Q4
    Cole realized that his father beat him because
    he was ashamed of him
    his mother was too soft on him
    he wanted him to be a good kid
    he had been beaten and it was all that he knew
  • Q5
    When Cole's mother visited him in the detention center, she told him that she
    had stopped drinking
    was moving to another state
    was back with his father
    was getting a new job
  • Q6
    During the Circle Justice meeting, Edwin pushed Cole to prove that
    Cole had begun to change
    Cole was really injured
    he was a bully
    Cole could still fight
  • Q7
    Edwin told Cole that three weeks earlier a fishing boat had returned to Drake and said that they
    had seen a white bear on an island near where Cole had been
    had seen Cole trying to swim away from the island
    had caught the Spirit Bear in their net
    had seen the flames from the shelter that Cole set on fire
  • Q8
    Cole's lawyer had quit because
    Cole's father refused to pay any more of the legal fees
    he didn't believe in Circle Justice
    Cole's father was spending time in jail
    he wanted Cole to go back to jail
  • Q9
    To get supplies to return to the island, Cole had to
    sell his own belongings and use the money to buy them.
    ask his dad to take out a loan for him
    ask people for donated items
    participate in fundraising activities
  • Q10
    The hot dog lesson was meant to teach Cole that
    all of life is a hot dog. Make of it what you will.
    people enjoy simple foods
    he should appreciate the food that he had
    all dinners are formal
  • Q11
    What did Cole say after he did the whale dance?
    He said that he felt like the whales because they migrated but they didn't have a home.
    He said that he was like a whale because he was a good swimmer.
    He said that he wanted to pick the next animal for another dance.
    He said that he would no longer do the animal dances.
  • Q12
    How had Peter been doing while Cole was on the island and in the hospital?
    He had recovered from his brain injury.
    He was not doing well physically or emotionally.
    He was doing better than expected.
    He was no longer going to be able to walk or talk.
  • Q13
    Edwin took Cole to the pond to
    show him where the deer came to drink
    show him how to get fresh water
    teach him how to fish
    show him how to soak and clear his mind
  • Q14
    When Cole rolled the Ancestor Rock down the hill, he was to imagine that it was his
  • Q15
    The wolf dance taught Cole that
    the wolf can survive on its own
    people needed the help of others, like a wolf pack
    animals need to run in packs
    the wolf is much more vicious than a bear

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