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Touching Spirit Bear Ch 6-10

Quiz by Tammy Snider

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    What does Cole say at the beginning of Chapter 6, during the circle meeting, that surprises everyone?
    that he did not beat up Peter
    that his father is a liar
    that he is running away
    that he wants to go to jail
  • Q2
    What did Cole's mom do when Cole asked her to tell about his father getting drunk and beating him.
    she told the circle the truth
    she refused to say anything
    she let Garvey tell the circle about it
    She told Cole to be quiet
  • Q3
    How did Peter's mom feel about Cole not being sent to jail?
    She didn't want him to be sent to jail.
    She wanted him to be set free.
    She wanted him to get 40 years.
    She thought that it would be a huge mistake.
  • Q4
    Why did Garvey feel that Cole was not buying into Circle Justice?
    He saw that Cole's actions spoke louder than his words.
    Cole refused to participate.
    Garvey could read minds
    Cole told him that he didn't want to do it.
  • Q5
    As Cole lay beside the fire his first night on the island, what did he notice about a hundred yards away?
    a baby seal
    a raccoon
    the Spirit Bear
    a mother bird
  • Q6
    What item did not burn when Cole set his shelter on fire?
    his schoolwork
    the At.tow
    his family picture
    the feather
  • Q7
    Cole got the fish that he ate by
    catching it in a basket
    taking it from the bear
    taking it from some seagulls
    harpooning it
  • Q8
    When he again saw the Spirit Bear standing on the shoreline staring at him, Cole
    ran into the woods to hide
    stood next to the fire until the bear left
    ignored the bear and went for a swim
    raised the spear above his head and ran toward the bear
  • Q9
    Cole's attempt to kill the bear by throwing the spear at it resulted in
    the death of the bear
    injuring the bear
    the bear attacking Cole
    scaring the bear off
  • Q10
    After the attack, the last thing that the bear did to Cole was to
    lick his face and walk off
    stand on its hind legs and roar loudly
    slash Cole's chest one last time
    give a hard shove on Cole's chest, breaking his ribs
  • Q11
    Why did Cole keep the tuft of white matted hair that he had ripped from the bear?
    to put in his scrapbook
    to prove to someone that he had fought the Spirit Bear
    to scare other animals away
    to keep the bear from attacking him again
  • Q12
    When Cole first saw the baby sparrows he was irritated because
    they were safe and warm and taken care of by their mother
    they refused to eat the worms that the mother bird brought them
    they kept trying to jump out of their nest
    they would not stop their loud chirping
  • Q13
    After the big storm, what did Cole notice about the big spruce tree that lay beside him?
    the tree was on fire
    the baby sparrows were lying dead in the branches
    the branches of the tree were covering him
    the tree fell on top of the Spirit Bear
  • Q14
    What was Cole trying to eat when he almost choked to death?
    a worm
    his own vomit
    a fish bone
    a wad of grass
  • Q15
    As the rain fell, Cole found that he was able to use what for food?
    baby sparrows
    Devils Club thistles

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