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Touching Spirit Bear Chapters 24-28

Quiz by Tammy Snider

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    After the dance of anger, Cole had trouble because
    he blamed Peter for getting him in trouble
    Edwin didn't believe that he learned his lesson
    he still felt angry
    he couldn't decide what to carve on the totem pole
  • Q2
    Cole said that after dancing the dance of anger he had learned
    how to calm down
    to forgive
    to only get angry when it was important
    to be happy
  • Q3
    On Christmas Eve, Cole was upset because
    he wondered if anyone anywhere missed him
    he didn't get any presents
    he didn't get to soak in the pond
    Edwin didn't come to visit
  • Q4
    In March, Cole learned that Peter
    had been arrested
    had tried to commit suicide
    had run away from home
    had been beat up again
  • Q5
    Cole thought that he could help Peter if
    he could go and visit him
    Peter was sent to a different island
    Cole went back to jail
    Peter could come to the island to heal
  • Q6
    If it meant helping Peter, Cole was willing
    to stay on the island longer
    go back to jail
    to let Peter beat him up
    apologize to Peter
  • Q7
    Peter's parents thought that sending Peter to the island
    was their last chance to help Peter
    would help Peter and Cole become friends
    was a great idea
    would toughen Peter up
  • Q8
    When Peter attacked Cole, Cole refused to
    look at Peter
    fight back
    say that he was sorry
    let him win
  • Q9
    Cole tried to show Peter that he wasn't a bad person by offering him
    a new tent
    a candy bar
    a hunk of bear fur
    time to soak in the pond
  • Q10
    Cole cried and insisted that Peter should come to the island when he heard that
    Peter was put in jail
    Peter was refusing to leave his house
    Peter had attempted suicide a second time
    Peter was talking to Cole's dad
  • Q11
    Garvey reminded Cole that these wounds heal slower than wounds of the flesh.
    wounds of the skeleton
    wounds of the Spirit Bear
    wounds of the soul
    wounds of friendship
  • Q12
    Working together, Cole and Peter carved one of these into the blank space on Cole's totem.
    a hand
    a whale
    a circle
    a heart
  • Q13
    Cole offered this to Peter as a sign of friendship and trust.
    the At.tow
    his knife
    his candy
    the totem pole
  • Q14
    Garvey agreed to stay on the island with Peter and Cole because
    he was tired of working and needed a vacation
    he said that it was something that he needed as badly as the two boys
    Edwin had refused to spend any time on the island
    it was his fault that Cole had been mauled by the bear
  • Q15
    After Cole had refused to fight Peter
    the Spirit Bear appeared
    the Spirit Bear mauled Peter
    the rain began to fall
    he told Garvey about the attack

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