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Transitive and Intransitive Phrasal Verbs

Quiz by Maria Diaz

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following sentences includes a phrasal verb?
    Question Image
    Aurora threw up after eating rancid meat.
    Allen got up before the sunrise.
    All of the answers are correct.
    Please turn off the TV.
  • Q2
    Which of these sentences is intransitive?
    Question Image
    I will set up a meeting with the manager.
    Check out that website , it’s really great!
    I woke up at 10:30 AM.
  • Q3
    Which of these sentences is transitive?
    Question Image
    The company is taking on a new manager this month.
    This car is terrible. It breaks down all the time!
  • Q4
    Which is NOT correct?
    Question Image
    He's a mean kid. He always picks on.
    We bumped into our neighbors.
    I'm calling your other phone. Can you please pick up?
    I can put up with his behavior.
  • Q5
    Which of these sentences is intransitive ?
    Question Image
    I threw away the old pizza.
    Can you sit down please?
    They’ll pick up John from the airport.
  • Q6
    Which of these sentences is incorrect?
    Question Image
    Can you call Mr Vera back later?
    Can you call back him later?
    Can you call him back later?
  • Q7
    Which of these sentences is correct?
    Question Image
    Could you look the after baby while I’m in the shower?
    You’re pregnant, you should look yourself after more.
    I’ll look after your dog while you’re on vacation
    I’ll look your dog after while you’re on vacation

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