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Trapped in a Video Game Ch 6

Quiz by Bryan Scannell

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    With me and Eric in their talons, the bats flew toward the tiny island. As we got closer, the speck of land came into focus -- just a beach the size of a small backyard with a single palm tree in the middle. When we reached the island, the bats dive bombed, then -- WHUMP! -- dumped us onto the beach and soared off.

    What flew the boys to the island?

    a group of bats

    a small airplane

    a Pterodactyl

    a large eagle

  • Q2

    I brushed the sand out of my clothes. "Was that supposed to happen?"

    "Of course!"

    I walked toward Eric. "We have to talk." I put my finger in his chest. "You can't keep surprising me with ..."

    My voice trailed off, because as I talked a shadow fell over Eric. I slowly turned to see what it could be this time.

    A sand monster. Of course. Why not.

    Behind me, a monster made of sand rose from the

    ground. It kept growing and growing -- first the size of a one-story home, then two stories, then as tall as one of those old houses with a big attic on top. Its face formed into angry eyes and massive fangs.

    I jabbed my thumb toward the furious monster behind me. "Wanna tell me what this is?"

    What just happened to the boys?

    They were startled when a monkey ran on to the beach.

    They were started when a sand monster rose out of the sand.

    They were startled when an alligator moved towards them.

    They were started when a loud cannon went off.

  • Q3

    I jabbed my thumb toward the furious monster behind me. "Wanna tell me what this is?"

    "The boss!"

    "I don't know what that means."

    "This is a video game. Every few levels end with a big boss battle."

    "You're speaking gibberish."

    Why didn't Jesse know what a boss was?

    He always just did small jobs for his parents.

    He never had a job before.

    He never had to work because he had a rich family.

    He never really played videogames before this.

  • Q4

    Eric rolled his eyes. "If you blast him enough times in a glowing spot on his back or on his belly, he'll disappear and the portals will pop up."

    "Fine. I'll be happy to go home where people aren't constantly tricking me and pushing me off waterfalls!"



    How were you to defeat this boss, according to Eric?

    You had to be really nice to it and give it compliments.

    You had to get it wet by splashing it with a water cannon.

    You had to run around behind it and trip it so that it fell back to the beach.

    You had to shoot the blaster on a glowing spot until a portal opened up.

  • Q5

    I marched in front of the sand monster, and it roared like a dinosaur.

    "Ooh. Ooooooooh. I'm real scared." I said as I blasted it in the mouth. "What are you going to do, eat me?" I charged up to full blast and shot it in the belly. It fell over shrieking, then grew bigger and angrier.

    "Go ahead! Eat me! It won't even hurt. I'll just come right back here, and we'll do the whole thing again, because this is a video game and video games are STUPID!"

    Based on this, how do you think that Jesse felt about video games?

    He thought they were a waste because if the monster got him he would just restart the level.

    He thought that they were the coolest thing ever.

    He really loved them.

    He couldn't wait to play one when he got home.

  • Q6

    Oh shut up!" Eric yelled from across the level. "What was that?!"

    "Just save it. You know you're having fun."

    "Oh really?! You know what would be fun?" I dodged a spiky sand ball that the monster threw at me. (It's sand, you might be saying. Sand is soft. How could a sand ball be spiky? I know, right? Video games are so dumb.) "What would be fun is having a real friend who explains things and lets me choose for myself!"

    Eric blasted the monster in the back, and it fell over again. "What? So I'm not a real friend now!"

    The monster grew so big that I couldn't see Eric anymore, so I just started yelling at the monster's belly, hoping Eric could hear me on the other side.

    What did Jesse say that hurt Jesse's feelings?

    He said that Eric wasn't his real friend because he didn't explain things and let him choose for himself.

    He said that he would rather be outside playing football.

    He said that he would rather be home playing video games.

    He said that Eric was a bad friend and that his breath stank.


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