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Troubleshoot Wired

Quiz by Rachel Hirsch

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  • Q1
    How does attenuation affect a network?
    Signals are broadcast on a network to all devices, leading to a signal overload on the network.
    Interference increases significantly when networks are surrounded by large electronic appliances.
    The signal from radio-based devices weakens considerably as the distance between the devices increases.
    Networks are unable to deliver optic signal because of damage to cables.
  • Q2
    What is latency?
    Latency is a differentiation in time for packet transmission from source to destination.
    Latency is when EMI from other appliances and radio signals interfere with packets during transmission from source to destination.
    Latency is when signal degrades as it is transmitted over long distances.
    Latency is the amount of time it takes for a packet to travel from source to destination and back.
  • Q3
    How does jitter affect network traffic?
    Jitter occurs when the cable is damaged and experiencing intermittent packet transmission.
    Jitter is when wires are close together in proximity and interfere with each other.
    Jitter can add to overall latency but allow for more consistent packet transmission.
    Jitter is an inconsistency in delivery time of packets across a network.
  • Q4
    When a network cable is damaged and unable to transmit signals without dropping packets, what most likely is occurring?
    Bad port
  • Q5
    A user loses connectivity when accidentally touching the cables under the desk. You test the cable and it passes. What most likely is the root cause?
    Incorrect pin-out
    Bad port
  • Q6
    What is the best description of a transceiver mismatch?
    A transceiver mismatch occurs when two different transceivers, cables, or patch cords are not designed for the same wavelength on an optical network resulting in significant loss.
    A transceiver mismatch occurs when the connector on a Ethernet cable results in significant data loss.
    A transceiver mismatch occurs when an Ethernet cable is terminated with an RJ-45 connector and is unable to fit into the wall port on a signal network.
    A transceiver mismatch occurs when the connector on a fiber optic cable is the wrong size for terminating a single-mode cable on an optical network.
  • Q7
    A computer and switch have been connected. They can be pinged but usually cannot communicate at the same time. What is most likely causing the issue?
    Bent pins
    Duplex mismatch
    Transceiver mismatch
    incorrect cable type
  • Q8
    What is the quickest way to restore connectivity from a damaged cable?
    Try plugging the Ethernet cables into different ports until it restores connectivity. If connectivity is not established, plan to replace the cable.
    Power down devices. Then, cable test each cable individually as preventive maintenance so that the issue does not occur again any time soon.
    Replace the cable with a known working cable. Then, check again to ensure network connectivity has been restored.
    Disconnect the cable, connect cable testers to each end of the patch cable, and replace the connectors on the damaged end.
  • Q9
    The network is experiencing a bottleneck in traffic because of a large corporate meeting. What should you do?
    Replace all network cables with the correct cable type to ensure connectivity
    Install a load balancer to distribute network traffic to different nodes
    Verify that a rouge DHCP server was not installed, resulting in the network bottlenecking
    Check for attenuation using an optic meter as traffic increase
  • Q10
    If a port is blinking green, what is the status of the port?
    The device is connected and processing data.
    The device is plugged in, but the port is not active.
    The device is connected and is dropping packets.
    The device is plugged in but is unable to transmit data.

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