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TTL2 Quiz 3

Quiz by Karen Contero

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  • Q1

    What does the term "scaffolding" refer to in the context of instructional resource development?

    Building physical structures in the classroom

    Using ladders for instructional purposes

    Providing support and guidance to learners as they build their understanding

    Removing support structures for learners

  • Q2

    When designing instructional resources, what does the term "universal design" refer to?

    Creating resources for a specific group of learners

    a.     Usinga single design template for all resources

    Developing resources without considering learner needs

    Designing resources that are accessible to diverse learners, including those with disabilities

  • Q3

    Which of the following is the best practice for creating visually appealing instructional resources?

    Including irrelevant images

    Consistent formatting and a clear hierarchy

    Using a small font size to fit more content on a page

    Using a variety of distracting colors

  • Q4

    What is the significance of alignment in instructional resource development?

    Aligning resources with the latest fashion trends

    Ensuring that resources are consistent with learning objectives and assessments

    Aligning resources with political ideologies

    Aligning resources with fictional storylines

  • Q5

    In designing instructional materials, the teacher may modify existing institutional resources based on________.

    Creativity and Effectiveness    

    Objectives of the lesson

    Student’s preferences

    Teacher’s style

  • Q6

     In instructional resource development, what is the purpose of considering cultural diversity?

    To increase development costs unnecessarily

    To limit the scope of instructional content to a specific cultural group

    To create resources that are relevant and respectful of different cultural backgrounds

    To exclude diverse perspectives and focus on a single cultural viewpoint

  • Q7

    In designing non-digital learning resources, which of the following should be considered?

    Use font that is too small to read easily.

    Make ideas and relationships complicated for easy recalling.

    The audience should be able to grasp the concept in 10 to 15 minutes.

    Use different ideas for each visual aids.

  • Q8

    What is the purpose of conducting a needs assessment before developing instructional resources?

    To evaluate the popularity of instructional resources in the market

    To identify the specific needs and characteristics of the target audience

    To decide on the color scheme for the resources

    To determine the financial cost of development

  • Q9

     You are preparing a workshop on automotive maintenance for TLE students. Which of the following tasks demonstrates creativity and innovation?

    Designing a hands-on activity where students disassemble and reassemble car engine parts

    Cutting out images of different car models for a bulletin board display

    Organizing printed handouts in a binder for distribution to students

    Printing worksheets with multiple-choice questions about car engines

  • Q10

     You are creating a set of electrical circuit kits for a TLE class on electronics. Which skill is most critical for promoting collaboration and communication among TLE students?

    Understanding of group dynamics

     Mastery of electrical engineering principles

    Knowledge of content-specific pedagogy in electronics

     Ability to create visually appealing instructional materials

  • Q11

    You are developing an online module on financial literacy for college students. Which is most essential for promoting problem-solving and inquiry-based learning?

    Understanding of cognitive psychology principles

    Ability to conduct needs assessments

    Proficiency in digital content creation tools

    Mastery of multimedia design techniques

  • Q12

    As a TLE instructor, you are developing an e-learning platform for woodworking techniques. Which is most critical for ensuring accessibility and usability for all learners?

     Mastery of woodworking craftsmanship

     Knowledge of woodworking safety procedures

     Ability to collaborate with woodworking experts

    Understanding of user interface design principles

  • Q13

    You are designing instructional materials for a visual arts class focusing on drawing techniques. The teacher wants to provide opportunities for self-paced learning and practice. Which of the following options would best facilitate this objective?

    Developing a series of instructional videos demonstrating drawing techniques

    Designing a collaborative painting project for the entire class to work on together

    Creating a written guidebook with step-by-step instructions for drawing exercises

    Compiling a list of famous artworks for analysis and discussion

  • Q14

    You are designing instructional materials for a chemistry lab session where students will conduct experiments. The teacher wants to ensure safety and proper procedure adherence. Which of the following options would best address this concern?

    Developing a mobile app for tracking experiment results and observations

    Creating a series of instructional videos demonstrating lab techniques

    Compiling a list of scientific articles on the theoretical aspects of chemistry

    Designing a poster with safety guidelines and emergency procedures


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