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T.TOEFL Vocab Test W11

Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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  • Q1
    badly behaved; deliberately causing harm or damage; naughtily or annoyingly playful / 짓궂은
    existing as a natural or basic part of something / 고유한
    habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition; deliberate / 자기 의지가 강한 (그래서 반항을 주로 많이 하는); 의도적인
    based on personal experience (not scientific) / 우연한 관찰에 따른, 비과학적인
  • Q2
    in full control of your faculties or movements / 차분한, 당황하지 않은
    being or producing something like nothing done, experienced, or created before / 혁신적인, 획기적인; 완전히 새로운
    in a way that does not happen at regular times or does not have regular spaces in between: / 불규칙하게
    built well and strong / 튼튼한, 완강한
  • Q3
    to move something wholly from one place to another (without deconstruction) / ~를 통채로 옮기다
    to promote the growth of; to help develop or progress more / ~를 더 발전시키다; ~의 성장에 기여하다
    small in numbers or amount, often spread over a large area: / 희박한, 드문
    to keep from happening / ~에게 손을 써서 (안되게 하다, 못하게 하다)
  • Q4
    boring, not exciting / 지루한
    built well and strong / 튼튼한, 완강한
    to keep or continue to have something / 유지하다
    small but comfortable / 아늑한
  • Q5
    spreading out from a central point / 방사형의
    showing lack of favoritism; free from undue bias or preconceived opinions / 공정한, 공평한, 편견없는
    suffering; wronged / 시달리는, 고통받는
    under the influence or control of ~ / ~에 종속된
  • Q6
    subsist on
    to represent or express (especially something abstract in tangible form) / ~을 담다, ~의 화신이 되다
    sustain life / ~을 연명하다
    to force to go away or disappear / ~을 떨쳐 버리다
    to take into account; to consider (especially in comparison to another factor) / ~을 고려하다
  • Q7
    luxurious/expensive / 사치스러운
    protected from danger or bad weather / 지켜지고 있는
    the action of decaying, or causing something to decay / 분해, 부패
    confusing, perplexing / 헷갈리게 하는, 혼란스럽게 하는
  • Q8
    a hard outer layer that covers, supports, and protects the body / 외골격
    injurious to physical or mental health / 유해한, 유독한
    rival, opposing / 경쟁하는
    old; no longer in use or valid or fashionable; no longer in use / 쓸모없게 된
  • Q9
    to use up (resources or materials) / ~을 고갈시키다
    to show or confirm to be right or true / ~을 확인하다, ~을 인증하다
    the process of breathing / 호흡
    to admit (usually to the opposition) / ~을 인정하다
  • Q10
    (of an animal) eating plants: / 초식성의
    support/approval / 추천, 지지
    method, policy / 방법, 방식, 정책
    sounds made through speech / 발언, 말
  • Q11
    any of various small mammals with large, sharp front teeth, such as mice and rats / 설치류
    (used of persons and their behavior) not refined; uncouth; not refined or processed / 세련되지 않은, 정교하지 않은
    not firm in decision; unable to make decisions timely; not significant as to ultimately decide a result / 의지나 결정이 완고하지 않은; 결정/결단을 잘 못내리는; 그렇게 중요하거나 치명적이지 않아 최종 결론을 못내리는
    deeply absorbed in thought / 골몰한, 몰두한, 정신이 팔린
  • Q12
    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence / 눈치 빠른, 교활한
    adhering to social rules and manners / 매너있는, 차분한
    something that is produced as a result of making something els / 부산물
    undervalued / (실제보다) 가치를 인정받지 못한
  • Q13
    showing inventiveness (creativity) and skill / 영리하고 창의적인
    very small and only able to be seen with a microscope: / 미세한
    so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period / 노후한, 시대에 뒤진
    never seen or done previously / 전례 없는, 첫 경우
  • Q14
    thinking, creation (of an idea) / 생각; 어떤 아이디어의 탄생
    lack of physical strength; quality of being easily damaged or destroyed / 연약함, 여림
    under the ground / 지하의
    term for something; the act of identifying or naming something / 지정, (지정된) 명칭
  • Q15
    assumed to be true / 추정되는
    a hole in the ground dug by an animal such as a rabbit, especially to live in / (굴에) 숨다
    chosen at will (usually without any real standards) / (내키는대로) 정해지거나 선택된
    unhappy at being away and longing for familiar things or persons / 향수를 불러일으키는

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