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T.TOEFL Vocab Test W7

Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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61 questions
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  • Q1
    the right to vote in an election / 참정권, 선거권
    deeply absorbed in thought / 골몰한, 몰두한, 정신이 팔린
    to handle effectively; to have and exercise / ~을 휘두르다, ~을 행사하다
    a type of magic in which spirits, especially evil ones, are used to make things happen/ 주술, 마법
  • Q2
    showing no care or concern; having no preference on the matter / 무심한, ~중에 선호하는 것이 없는
    arranged in layers or levels / 계급 혹은 레벨로 나뉘어진
    a warning of the end of something/ 죽음을 예고하는
    always or very often / 지속적으로, 영원히
  • Q3
    in earnest
    small action, usually signifying something / (뭔가를 나타내는) 작은 행동, 손짓, 몸짓
    affecting many things or people; large / 전면적인
    it has already started but is now being done in a serious and complete waㅛ/ 본격적으로, 진심으로
    a will to succeed; something one hopes to do / 성공하고자하는 소망; 이루고 싶은 것
  • Q4
    to refuse to acknolwedge (the validity of or association with) / ~을 부인하다, ~을 부정하다, ~와 연을 끊다
    system relating to an election / 선거 제도
    to accept / ~을 받아들이다, ~을 채택하다
    relating to or living in the sea far from the shore / 원양의
  • Q5
    open ocean
    the force that keeps an object moving / 동력, 탄력, 가속도
    to pull back; to take back / 뒤로 빼다 (혹은 빠지다); 철회하다
    an area of ocean that is far from land / 외해
    feeling anxiety or nervousness / ~을 걱정하는
  • Q6
    plants in general, or plants that are found in a particular area / 식물
    showing indifference or disregard; rejecting / 무시하는, 거절하는, 의미없다고 여기는
    to prevent something from entering a place or taking part in an activity: / 배제하다
    imaginary, based on thought / 상상의, 공상적인
  • Q7
    combine to form a more complex product / ~를 합성하다
    to give a person the right to vote in elections / 참정권을 부여하다
    one of the parts or layers into which something is separated / 층
    unaffected by self-interest / 사심없는, 공평한, 이해 관계 없는
  • Q8
    euphotic zone
    The photic zone / 유광층
    a planned way of doing something / 전술
    to come together or gather as a larger group / ~을 모으다, (더 큰 그룹으로) 모이다
    possibility of future success; future possibility / 전망
  • Q9
    to call forth; to stimulate / ~을 불러오다; ~을 자극하다
    constituents; what something is made of / 구도, 배치
    active, determined, and often willing to use force / 전투적인, 공격적인
    the process by which a plant uses carbon dioxide from the air, water from the ground / 광합성
  • Q10
    memory, or recall of a memory / 기억, 혹은 기억한다는 것
    intentional or planned / 고의적인
    unable to function or survive / 무력한
    very small and only able to be seen with a microscope / 미세한
  • Q11
    inclination or disposition towards something / 성향
    possible when the necessary conditions exist / 잠재력
    prevent from having opportunities and freedom / 억압
    to limit (a claim); to specify a condition to make a claim narrower / (어떤 주장을) 제한하다, 더 구체적으로 만들다
  • Q12
    disphotic zone
    esteem lightly; assign too low a value to; lose in value / ~을 과소평가하다, ~을 저평가하다
    a person or thing that has the same purpose as another one in a different place or organization: / 상대측, 대응하는 것
    an area having enough light to see, but not enough to carry out photosynthesis. / 박광층
    the quality of being direct and outspoken; without sharpness or clearness of edge or point / 무뚝뚝함, 직접적임, 솔직함; 뭉툭함
  • Q13
    very clear; having no room for doubt or confusion / 명백한, 확실한, 애매하지 않은
    behaving in an angry or unfriendly way that is likely to cause an argumen / 공격적인
    unhappy at being away and longing for familiar things or persons / 향수를 불러일으키는
    very small plants that float near the surface of water and on which sea creatures feed / 식물성 플랑크톤
  • Q14
    to lead something such as an attack or a course of action / 주도하다
    the ability of food to provide people and animals with what they need to make them strong and healthy / 양물
    diligence; hard-working attitude / 부지런함
    strong and active physically or mentally / 활기찬, 힘찬, 활력이 넘치는
  • Q15
    a fake act / 가식, 위장, 사기극
    to imitate the actions of someone / ~을 따라 하다
    something that must exist or happen before something else / 전제조건
    light created by the body of a living creature / 생물 발광

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