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Two Commas or Two Dashes? -- Just Pick C #35 3.O

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  • Q1
    What is the primary difference between commas and dashes in writing?
    Commas are used for lists, dashes for new sentences
    Commas are always optional, dashes are mandatory
    Commas indicate a pause, dashes create emphasis
    Commas indicate the end of a sentence, dashes continue it
  • Q2
    When should you use two commas in a sentence?
    To end a sentence
    To indicate a question
    To start a new paragraph
    To set off non-essential information
  • Q3
    In what situation would you use two dashes instead of two commas?
    To create a stronger emphasis on the enclosed information
    To separate two complete sentences
    When listing items
    To replace conjunctions
  • Q4
    What effect do dashes have on the pacing of a sentence?
    They make the sentence longer
    They create a break that emphasizes the enclosed information
    They eliminate pauses in the sentence
    They make the sentence shorter
  • Q5
    Why might an author choose dashes over commas for parenthetical information?
    To reduce word count
    To make the enclosed information stand out more
    To avoid using other punctuation
    To confuse the reader
  • Q6
    Which of the following is an example of correct usage of two commas?
    The car-which was red-sped away.
    The car which was red, sped away.
    The car, which was red, sped away.
    The car; which was red; sped away.
  • Q7
    What punctuation mark can be used interchangeably with two commas to set off non-essential information?
  • Q8
    What is a common error when using dashes in a sentence?
    Using them without a clear reason
    Placing them at the beginning of a sentence
    Using more than two in a sentence
    Combining them with parentheses
  • Q9
    How does using two commas affect the readability of a sentence?
    It indicates a new thought or idea
    It makes the sentence clearer by indicating non-essential information
    It confuses the reader by adding unnecessary pauses
    It makes the sentence longer and more complex
  • Q10
    In which of the following sentences are two dashes used correctly?
    The book, which was on the table—fell off.
    The book which was on the table—fell off.
    The book; which was on the table—fell off.
    The book—which was on the table—fell off.

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