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Types of Govt.

Quiz by Dakota Barton

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  • Q1

    What is a monarchy?

    A system of government where the people elect their ruler

    The current system of government in the United States.

    A system of government where one person has unlimited power over the people.

    A system of government where power is inherited from one generation to the next.

  • Q2

    What is government?

    An institution where the people get to elect their leaders

    All of the above

    The individuals who are currently in power

    An institution through which leaders exercise power to make and enforce laws affecting the people under its control.

  • Q3

    What is a Republic?

    Where one person has absolute control.

    A form of democracy where every person gets to vote directly on each issue.

    A form of democracy where people get to elect the leaders who make decisions for them.

    A form of government where a small group of individuals rule with absolute power.

  • Q4

    What is a Totalitarian rule?

    When the government controls all aspects of it's citizen's lives

    A form of government where the people have a lot freedom.

    Another form of democracy.

    A form of government where people elect their leaders in a free and fair election

  • Q5

    What is a Theocracy?

    When the government is ruled by someone elected directly by the people.

    When the government is ruled by a religious leader.

    When the government is ruled by one person with absolute power.

    When representatives, elected by the people, elect a president to lead the country.

  • Q6

    True or False: In a constitutional monarchy, the king or queen shares power with Parliament



  • Q7

    What is Communism?

    Peasants serve the lords of the land

    The people controls business

    One person has complete rule over government

    Government controls all property and business

  • Q8

    What is Capitalism?

    One person has complete control of government

    A mixture of government and people owning businesses / property

    Government owns businesses and property

    People own business and property

  • Q9

    What is an Oligarchy?

    Ruler inherits throne from family

    Multiple people run the government

    One person rules with the will of god

    One person runs the government

  • Q10

    What is a Theocracy?

    government ran by multiple people

    Economy ran by the government

    Government where the ruler is ruling on behalf of god

    Government that is elected by people


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