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Types of Nonfiction Review #1

Quiz by Jennifer Campbell

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16 questions
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  • Q1

    The traps that Father set in "The Great Rat Hunt" didn't work because they were

    not set correctly

    poorly designed

    meant for mice


  • Q2

    Laurence Yep rationalizes killing the rat by comparing it to a 





  • Q3

    Laurence Yep realizes that, to his father, success in sports is

    a sign of a strong and healthy body

    a way to belong to a community

    a good way to earn a living

    a way to intimidate strangers

  • Q4

    The father in "The Great Rat Hunt" runs away from the rat because he

    cannot get his gun to fire

    cannot bring himself to kill it

    is upset with his son

    thinks the rat has rabies

  • Q5

    Laurence  Yep was not a great athlete because he 

    did not listen to his father

    preferred to hunt

    had asthma

    was small

  • Q6

    At the beginning of "The Great Rat Hunt", what did the narrator think he father felt toward him?





  • Q7

    In "The Great Rat Hunt", Laurence discovers that his father

    is ashamed of him

    likes rats

    loves to hunt

    is sometimes scared

  • Q8

    Laurence's father probably prepared a board on which to mount their trophy because

    he wanted another trophy for his collection

    he knew the rat would return

    he was making fun of Laurence

    he wanted Laurence to feel proud

  • Q9

    From their forced landing, Reeve learned that her father thought of the plane as 

    a tool to care for and use

    a poorly maintained vehicle

    an enemy to fight

    an extension of himself

  • Q10

    How did Reeve's sister help her?

    She showed her how to operate the plane's controls

    She gave her flying lessons

    She showed her how to put cotton in her ears

    She told her what to do if she didn't feel good in the air

  • Q11

    Reeve thought her flights with her father were





  • Q12

    Charles Lindbergh did not approve of his daughters' use of cotton in their ears because

    he thought there were better ways of protecting their hearing

    he thought noise was part of the flying experience

    he did not care that their hearing was damaged

    he did not want them to prefer gliders like their mother

  • Q13

    Charles Lindbergh landed in the cow pasture because 

    Reeve wanted to see the cows up close

    it was getting late in the day

    he wanted to teach Reeve to land in pastures

    the plane's engine died

  • Q14

    What did Reeve Lindbergh dislike about flying?

    the wind

    the noise

    being with her father

    the danger

  • Q15

    Why did Charles Lindbergh take his family flying on the weekends?

    He needed their help to start the plane

    He wanted to share his love of flying

    He had to work on Saturdays

    He wanted to protect them from kidnappers


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