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  • Q1

    Which type of plate boundaries created from the convergence of two lithosperic plates?

    Convergent plate boundaries

    Divergent plate boundaries

    Continental plate boundaries

    Transform plate boundaries

    S10ES –Ia-j-36.2
  • Q2

    When two plates drifted apart from one other, which is most likely to happen?

    Part of the plate will rise up and form a  mountain.

    A volcano will form  along the boundaries.

    Because the magma is rising as the plates separate, a new crust will form.

    A trench will be created as  the plates move away from each other.

    S10ES –Ia-j-36.2
  • Q3

    When oceanic plates collide with continental plates, the denser oceanic plate subducts beneath the continent. This sort of plate boundary has which of the following geologic features?

    Active volcanoes only

    Plateau and mountain ranges

    Trench, Mountain ranges and Volcanic Arc

    Rift valley

    S10ES –Ia-j-36.2
  • Q4

    Which type of plate boundary produced from the sliding motion of two plates to one another?

    Transform plate boundary

    Sliding  plate boundary

    Divergent plate boundary

    Convergent plate boundary

    S10ES –Ia-j-36.2
  • Q5

    What is the movement of  the plate  along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?

    Transform movement.

    Divergent movement.

    Convergent movement.

    Sliding and gliding movement.

    S10ES –Ia-j-36.2

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