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U13 Quiz Review

Quiz by Matthew Frankovich

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  • Q1
    Ronald Reagan was propelled to the presidency by this new group of Republicans - focusing on "traditional family values"
    The Silent Majority
    The Just Plurality
    The Immoral Minority
    The Moral Majority
  • Q2
    Reagan's "trickle-down economics" plans gave tax cuts to the __________ and large companies, because those are who make the stock market go up and create jobs.
    Middle Class
  • Q3
    Reagan was President as the AIDS crisis was turning into an epidemic - how did he respond?
    Reagan invested millions towards a cure
    Reagan spoke nightly about the dangers of HIV/AIDS
    Reagan stayed mostly silent about the issue
    Reagan ordered a national lockdown
  • Q4
    Reagan cut taxes and tried to cut the budget, which means he had to cut programs. Which programs got cut/defunded first and most frequently?
    The Military Budget
    Communism Defense Efforts
    Welfare and Medicaid
    Government Spending Overall
  • Q5
    When Reagan's cabinet: violated Congressional laws, secretly sold weapons to Iran and funneled the money to the Contras in Nicaragua, lied about it, lied about it some more, had evidence come out that they did it and Reagan knew the whole time, and got Oliver North to claim responsibility for the whole thing, it was called the...
    Iran-Contra Affair
    Definitely not high treason event
  • Q6
    The Commonwealth of Independent States was a group formed after the Collapse of the Soviet Union - former Soviet countries banded together to:
    Finally get their revenge on America
    Stop the importation of Giant Pandas
    Coordinate Trade and Security
    Declare war on Russia
  • Q7
    George H.W. Bush's popularity skyrocketed after this successful American intervention in Iraq and Kuwait
    Operation October Sky
    Operation Zero Dark Thirty
    Operation Desert Storm
    Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Q8
    But George H. W. Bush's popularity couldn't withstand these issues
    Too much social welfare and aid to the poor in America
    Rampant jealousy of the USSR's lifestyle
    Overwhelming Prosperity in America
    Raised Taxes and low likability among the working class
  • Q9
    Bill Clinton beat George H. W. Bush in 1992 - and took many Republican votes thanks to his New Democrat policies, which were
    Economic policies that matched what Republicans wanted
    The ending of Social Security
    New goals to get us out of the Middle East
    Plans to use Nuclear Weapons to assert global dominance
  • Q10
    Newt Gingrich led this group, which prevented many of Bill Clinton's policies from becoming reality.
    A democratic-majority Congress
    A green party majority congress
    A republican-majority Congress
    A divided Congress
  • Q11
    The Clinton administration tried to stick their fingers in the Middle-East, accomplishing this monumental treaty between Israelis and Palestinians
    The Paris Accords
    The Oslo Accords
    The Israeli-Palistinian Conflict Muffin Pact
    The Geneva Convention
  • Q12
    The Clinton Administration attempted to stick their fingers in Eastern Europe during the Serbian Genocides by
    Letting the UN handle this international conflict
    Staying out of the conflict
    Launching a bombing campaign in Yugoslavia
    Not hurting anyone
  • Q13
    True or False: The Clinton family was investigated for multiple suspected crimes by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives
  • Q14
    True or False: Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice for his actions during the Lewinsky investigation
  • Q15
    True or False: Bill Clinton was removed from Office by the Senate and was not acquitted of any charges

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