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U2 Ch4 - The English Colony

Quiz by Stacy

Grade 4
Social Studies (2017)
New York State Learning Standards

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Self-government was important to the colonists because it meant they could...
    make their own laws and decisions
    keep the English from taking over New Netherland
    disagree with the decisions made by Peter Stuyvesant
    force everyone to go to church on Sundays
  • Q2
    A person chosen by a group and given power to make decisions for its members is a
  • Q3
    John Peter Zinger was...
    the first governor of New York
    a Huguenot who founded New Rochelle and New Paltz
    a member of the first New York Assembly
    the newspaper printer and editor who published articles against Governor Cosby
  • Q4
    During the 1700s, the French and the British built forts to...
    protect the land they had claimed
    encourage more settlers to come to New York
    protect one another
    serve as trading posts
  • Q5
    Who led the group of soldiers to force the French out of the Ohio River valley?
    Benjamin Franklin
    George Washington
    William Clarke
    James Delancey
  • Q6
    What was true about New Amsterdam's government?
    landowners voted to elect leaders
    the people liked the way Stuyvesant ran the city and gave him total control
    they wanted self-government
    town leaders were appointed by the Dutch king
  • Q7
    After the English took control of the colony of New Netherland, they renamed it...
    Fort Orange
    New Amsterdam
    New York
  • Q8
    Hueguenots came to New York for...
    to get away from war
    to find jobs
    religious freedom
    to settle rich lands
  • Q9
    The trial of John Peter Zenger introduced the idea of...
    freedom of the press
    writing as many newspaper articles against leaders as possible
    religious freedom in New York
    trial by jury
  • Q10
    Many of the goods and services produced in colonial New York were
    not available to the people of New York
    used by the people in New York and the other English colonies
    not important to New York's economy
    shipped in from England
  • Q11
    What is manufacturing?
    the selling of products
    the making of products
    the transporting of products
    the trading of products
  • Q12
    Most people living in colonial New York during the 1700s made their living
    as teachers
    as merchants
    by working in new industries
    as farmers
  • Q13
    Troubles between the French and the British over lands in North America led to the
    Proclamation of 1763
    French and Indian War
    increase in trade
    Albany Congress
  • Q14
    What did the Albany Plan of Union call for?
    the end of the French and Indian War
    the colonists and the Iroquois to become allies
    the uniting of the colonies under one government
    merchants to provide supplies to the British government
  • Q15
    The Proclamation of 1763 stated that
    colonial governments had to help pay the debts caused by the French and Indian War
    all the lands west of the Appalachian Mountains belonged to farmers willing to settle there
    New Orleans belonged to the French
    all lands west of the Appalachian Mountains belonged to the Native Americans

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