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  • Q1
    Why did the American fur trade need to move West in the early 1800's?
    beaver pelts needed for the fashionable high hat were becoming extinct in the East
    the Spanish did not allowing trapping of animals along the East coast
    cities became crowded in the East and rats were scaring off fur-bearing animals
    waters in the East were freezing which caused a back up of trade
  • Q2
    What put an end to fur trading in the 1840’s?
    the French realized more money could be made teaching others of their fine cuisine
    prices for beaver pelts fell making gold more profitable
    all fur-bearing animals became extinct
    fashions changed and demand for beaver furs fell
  • Q3
    What steps did the U.S. government take to ensure the nation’s control over the Pacific Northwest in the early 1800s?
    created the Second Indian Removal Act removing Native Americans from the Pacific Northwest
    the U.S. signed treaties with Russia and Spain to give up land and with Britain to share the land
    passed the Northwest Ordinance of 1787
    created a national army of the Pacific Northwest led by Andrew Jackson that invaded Oregon Country making it part of the US
  • Q4
    What motivated early pioneers to head out west?
    Willamette Valley
    mild climate
    all answers are correct
    rich resources
  • Q5
    What made individuals want to travel across blazing deserts and rough mountains of the Sante Fe Trail?
    high profits traders could get from Mexican traders
    warm weather supporting the vacation market
    rainy season of the Pacific Northwest made it difficult to set up homesteads
    fear of Mormons taking over their lands
  • Q6
    What were Mormons hoping to find in the West in the 1830's?
    fertile lands
    beaver pelts
    profitable trade
    religious freedom
  • Q7
    What mistakes did the Donner Party make on their journey to California?
    took an unproven shortcut, running out of supplies, ill prepared
    did not bring enough weapons for the harsh West
    attempted to sail around the horn of South America in the winter
    took the wrong trail while headed to Sante Fe
  • Q8
    What were some of the effects of the California Gold Rush?
    all answers are correct
    population boom
    increase in immigration
    California becomes eligible for statehood
  • Q9
    What role did the transcontinental railroad play in California’s development?
    allowed California to become an independent country much like Texas
    cause the population to decline dramatically due to many leaving after the gold rush
    trading decreased resulting in California's bankruptcy
    connected California to the rest of the nation strengthening the economy
  • Q10
    Read and interpret the graph in the picture. Which of the following conclusions could be made?
    Question Image
    after 1850 the population decreased again back to zero
    the population of San Francisco remained the same throughout the 1840's
    the population of San Francisco in 1848 was 3 million
    the greatest increase in San Francisco's population came between 1849 and 1850
  • Q11
    This picture is of a map key from your textbook illustrating the different trails to the West. Which of the following is true?
    Question Image
    California and Oregon trails were the same distance and time
    Sante Fe trail was longer that the Mormon trail
    Oregon trail was longer than the California trail
    Old Spanish trail was the same distance as the trading post trail
  • Q12
    Which effects are most likely a result of the first cause listed?
    Question Image
    Americans travel west to settle new areas
    all answers are correct
    Native Americans are forced off their land
    The U.S. stretches to the Pacific Ocean

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