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Ugly Duckling 2.° (pages 3 and 4)

Quiz by María Angélica Ángel

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is the author of the story?
    The Green Brothers
    Hans Christian Andersen
    Lorinda Bryan Cauley
    Ms. Angel
  • Q2
    Who is the illustrator of the story?
    Hans Christian Andersen
    The Green Brothers
    Lorinda Bryan Cauley
    Ms. Angel
  • Q3
    Where does the story take place?
    Up in the sky.
    In the country.
    In the city.
    At home.
  • Q4
    Has the mother duck ever been far from the moat? (Read line 3, page 3)
    No, she hasn't ever been that far!
    Yes, she has been that far before!
  • Q5
    Find another word to say: 'All the eggs were opened'. (Read line 4, page 3)
    All the eggs were exploted.
    All the eggs were hatched.
    All the eggs were closed.
  • Q6
    How was the mother duck feeling when she saw that the last egg was taking too long to hatch?
  • Q7
    Who came to visit the mother duck? (Read line 1, page 4)
    An old duck.
    A young duck.
  • Q8
    Does the ducklings' father ever come to visit them? (Read line 6, page 4)
    Yes, he comes to see them!
    No, he never comes to see them!
  • Q9
    What does the old duck think the largest(big) egg is?
    A chicken egg.
    A turkey egg.
    A duck egg.
  • Q10
    What does the mother duck decide to do with the big egg?
    Sit on in longer and wait for it to hatch.
    Ignore it and play with the other ducklings.

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