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Unbalanced Forces

Quiz by Kylie Middleton

Grade 8
Science (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 8
Science (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The image provided shows two toy cars pushing against each other with a force given in Newtons. Which of the following describes how the two-car system will behave? The two cars will -
    Question Image
    move at a constant speed to the right.
    move at a constant speed to the left.
    accelerate steadily to the left.
    accelerate steadily to the right.
  • Q2
    Calculate the net force of the following situation. <-- 10 Newtons + --> 30 Newtons
    --> 20 Newtons
    <-- 40 Newtons
    --> 40 Newtons
    <-- 20 Newtons
  • Q3
    Two equal forces act at the same time on the same stationary object but in opposite directions. Which statement describes the object's motion?
    The object changes direction.
    The object accelerates.
    The object remains stationary.
    The object moves at a constant speed.
  • Q4
    Two football linemen push against each other in practice. They do not move, but then lineman B moves forward and lineman A moves backward. Why does this happen?
    Because the lineman push in different directions, the net force is zero.
    When the lineman push on each other, they cause action-reaction forces that are unequal.
    Lineman A pushes with a greater force, causing a net force that acts in his direction.
    The forces are balanced, but then line B exerts a greater force, causing unbalanced forces.
  • Q5
    What causes objects to move?
    Balanced forces
    Unbalanced forces
  • Q6
    Speeding up, slowing down, and changing direction are all due to
    no forces
    unbalanced forces
    balanced forces
  • Q7
    A boy is trying to pull a dog on a leash, but the dog and the boy are moving in the same direction. Which of the following best describes the forces in this situation?
    Question Image
    The forces are unbalanced, and the boy’s force is greater.
    The forces are unbalanced, and the dog’s force is greater.
    The forces are balanced, and the net force is zero.
    The forces are balanced, and the dog is weaker than the boy.
  • Q8
    Look at the picture of the race car. When the force of friction is equal to the force of the engine, what will happen?
    Question Image
    the car will travel at constant velocity.
    the car will stop instantly.
    the car will speed up.
    the car will slow down.
  • Q9
    Calculate the Net Force.
    Question Image
    60N, Right
    60N, Left
    40N, Right
  • Q10
    Which could be an example of an unbalanced force?
    A baseball that has been thrown to home plate.
    Earth orbiting the Sun
    A ball at the top of a hill that is not moving
    A plate sitting on a dining table

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