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Unbroken Chapter 2 quiz

Quiz by Rhena McCarter

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What did Louie do in high school that made him ineligible for sports or social activities?
    Cheated on a test
    Steal the tickets to the games
    Let the kids go on the field during the football games
    Let kids in to the basket ball games for free
  • Q2
    What sport did Pete believe Louie would excel at?
  • Q3
    How would you describe Louie's early attitude toward running
    Loved it
    Hated it
  • Q4
    When Louie ran away from home with a friend after an argument with his dad, what made him return home?
    His hunger and his dad's kindness when he left
    His friend wanted to go home
    School was starting again soon and he didn't want to miss track practice
    He missed his mom
  • Q5
    Where did Louie go in the summer of 1932 that make him fall in love with running?
    New York City
    Manhattan Beach
    A near by park
    An Indian Reservation
  • Q6
    Who was Louie's running role model?
    Curt Glen
    Pete Zamperini
    Toots Bowersox
    Glen Cunningham
  • Q7
    By the time Louie was in 10th grade, how could you describe him?
  • Q8
    What was Louie's participation in the UCLA's Southern Californian Cross Country meet
    His high school team went to support the college students in the race
    He won the race
    He went to watch Pete run the race

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