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Uncle Jeb's Barbershop

Quiz by Ana Hale

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is the NARRATOR of the story?
    Jedediah Johnson
    Uncle Jeb
    Mr. Lopez
    Sarah Jean
  • Q2
    Why did Uncle Jeb come to the house?
    To cut Sarah's father's hair and her brother's hair
    To help repair the house
    To eat dinner
    To visit with family
  • Q3
    Did Sarah Jean get her hair cut?
  • Q4
    Why didn't Sarah Jean get her hair cut?
    She was too shy to ask to get her hair cut
    She just had her hair cut
    Her mother wouldn't let her
    She didn't want her hair cut
  • Q5
    What was Uncle Jeb's savings goal?
    A House
    His own barbershop
    A New Car
    Surgery for Sarah Jean
  • Q6
    How much was the surgery?
  • Q7
    $300 was a lot of money then. How much money would that be today?
  • Q8
    What was Uncle Jeb's opportunity cost?
    Being a sharecropper rather than a barber
    Saving Sarah Jean's life over having his own barbershop
    Living with Sarah Jean's family and owning his own barbershop
  • Q9
    How did Uncle Jeb loose his $3000?
    He spent it on Sarah Jean's surgery
    He spent it all
    The bank failed
    He bought a house

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