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Understand the basic maintenance requirements of hot water systems

Quiz by Ricky Fleet

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  • Q1
    A customer complains that they have boiling water from the tap, they have an open vented system with direct cylinder fed via an immersion heater. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
    The boiler thermostat is faulty
    A split coil on the cylinder
    The immersion is broken
    The immersion thermostat being faulty
  • Q2
    Brown water is discharging from the outlets; they are fed via a single feed indirect cylinder. What is the most likely cause of this?
    Loss of air bubble within the cylinder
    Blocked filter
    A leaking cylinder coil
    Lime scale build-up
  • Q3
    Upon inspection of a hot water system a large build-up of lime scale is discovered. What is the most likely cause of this?
    Soft water in the system
    Lack of heat in the secondary water
    Excess heat in the secondary water
    Airlock in the system
  • Q4
    What is the most suitable way of reducing lime scale build-up in a hot water system?
    Water softener
    In line strainer
    Pressure reducing valve
    Pressure relief valve
  • Q5
    What is the component within a hot water cylinder that is designed to prevent galvanic corrosion?
    Pressure relief pipe
    Galvanic anode
    Magnetic filter
    Sacrificial anode
  • Q6
    A customer has intermittent flow of hot water from their bath tap – what is the most likely cause of the problem?
    Too little head pressure
    Too much head pressure
    Air lock
    Faulty float operated valve
  • Q7
    To prevent electrolytic corrosion taking place in a system, where can the magnesium rod be placed?
    Hot water cylinder
    Cold water storage cistern
    Open vent
  • Q8
    One of the functions of an open vent pipe is to prevent syphonic tendencies within the system from
    Exploding the cylinder
    Causing undue heat loss from the cylinder
    Collapsing the cylinder
    Causing increased water turbulence resulting in excessive noise
  • Q9
    Spray from a shower head has reduced to a dribble, what is the common cause?
    Soft water has caused lime scale to accumulate on the rose
    Permanent hard water has caused lime scale to accumulate on the rose
    Temporary hard water has caused lime scale to accumulate on the rose
    Water has been turned off to the appliance
  • Q10
    When running a hot tap, the customer complains about a strange creaking noise. What could be the problem?
    Lack of insulation material allowing thermal expansion
    Split tap washer
    Thermal expansion causing the pipes to expand and rub against a surface
    Float operated valve washer damaged to CWSC
  • Q11
    The customer complains that the cold tap to their wash hand basin runs hot intermittently, before turning cold. What could the problem be?
    The radiator in the bathroom is too hot
    Hot pipework has been incorrectly installed to the cold pipe
    Hot pipework is installed below or too close allowing heat transfer to occur
    Cylinder coil split
  • Q12
    Which of the following are considered water treatment methods?
    All of the above
    Magnetic softener
    Electrolytic softener
    Unit water softener

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