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Understanding different safety measures for children's area

Quiz by Joy Cristy Del Rosario

Grade 9-12
Caregiving (NC II)
Philippines Curriculum: SHS Specialized Subjects

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the definition of the word flammable?

    Anything that can harm you if you breathe it in

    Anything that can be eaten

    Anything that easily catches on fire

    Anything that breaks apart if it gets wet

  • Q2

    Which of these is a leading cause of injury and death among children below the age of five?

    Violent crime

    Car related accidents

    Home-related accidents

    Peer fighting 

  • Q3

    In which of these types of containers should you never store poisonous materials?

    Unlabeled containers

    Any kind of containers

    Original containers

    Food containers

  • Q4

    One of the most effective ways to keep kids away from dangerous kitchen items is to do which of these?

    Locked the child inside their room

    Keep the kitchen locked at all times

    Install child-proof latches or fasteners in all cabinets

    Dispose of all dangerous items

  • Q5

    What is the most common cause of injury on a playground?

    Hot metal surfaces


    Faulty equipment


  • Q6

    To maximize safety in case of a fall, playground surfaces should be built with any of the following types of material except:


    interlocking rubber mats

    poured-in-place rubber

    wood chips

  • Q7

    Age-appropriate play spaces are important. Which of the following is not recommended playground equipment for kids ages 2 to 5?

    Low platforms with ramps and ladders

    Long, spiral slides

    Tricycle paths made of varying textures and materials

    Flexible spring rockers

  • Q8

    What equipment causes the most injuries on home playgrounds?



    Push cart


  • Q9

    Why is playground safety important?

    To prevent from getting injured on the playground

    To keep from getting too physical on the playground

    To keep from getting in trouble on the playground

    All of the answers are correct.

  • Q10

    Playing at the playground is a lot of fun-if you play safely. How can you keep the playground safe?

    Don’t let child shove, or play rough with other kids

    The child’s companion can go around the playground while the child is playing.

    You can let the child go with other people while he/she is in the playground

    You can jump off on the swings besides you are already on the playground


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