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Underwriting Introduction Review

Quiz by Antoinette Lee

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  • Q1

    If you are requesting an appointment in any time zone other than EST., What required step will you take to be 100% sure that underwriting is aware of what time zone this will take place in?

    Send an email to

    In the notes, put the exact , time, date, and state you are requesting this appointment to happen in. 

    This is an urgent matter and in order to properly inform the UW team, this should go in the slack underwriting request channel. 

    Call Melinda and have her assign it

  • Q2

    The offer has been fully underwritten and approved once I recieve the email with my notaries information on it? 

    True or False
  • Q3

    What type of communication is best when getting an urgent update? 



    Call Melinda

  • Q4

    What is the factor that determines the priority in which underwriting will review the signed agreement before completing their second review? 

    The time the agent marked the offer "client signed" AND when the notary scans the docs back 

    The time the signing took place

    The offers do not get second review

    When you call underwriting to tell them its ready for the second review

  • Q5

    After 20 years, Betty Anne finally put her home in a trust and named her only grandson, Timothy, as the successor. Despite having to rush to get the trust documents in time, she is still very excited to that she will have the opportunity to sign the HBA with MV Realty if her property ends up qualifying. Since she was able to get the trust docs, Will this appointment still take place?

    Yes, if her property meets the criteria required 

    Yes, and even though she was found by UW to be the only authorized signed on the trust, Timothy must sign as well because it is his inheritance. If they're both on board, were good to go! 

    No, we can't sign up homes in a trust

    Yes, once the trust is reviewed and she is determined to the the only signer, she's good to go!

  • Q6

    What is the total Real Estate commission charged at the time of sale?

    6% or the comission floor, whichever is greater


    What ever the commission floor is at the time the home sells


  • Q7

    Where can the information regarding ordering business cards be found?

    It's your decision where you would like to get your cards from, send Amanda the bill

    You can't order cards until you are here more than two weeks

    Google Drive

    The training team orders them for you

  • Q8

    How many hours is the standard time frame in which you must give when creating an offer to be done ASAP?

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