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Unit 0 - review through 1200

Quiz by Mrs. Dickens

High School
World History
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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89 questions
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  • Q1
    peasant farmers and unskilled laborers
    What was the largest Egyptian social class?
  • Q2
    belief in many gods
    What does the word polytheistic mean?
  • Q3
    The Egyptians considered their kings to be what?
  • Q4
    Government ruled by a divine figure, religion is the source of government authority
    What is a theocracy?
  • Q5
    Northern Egypt
    What was the location of lower Egypt
  • Q6
    What did Egyptian kings eventually become know as?
  • Q7
    Belief in one god
    What does monotheistic mean?
  • Q8
    by using feudalism
    How did the Zhou dynasty attempt to control China?
  • Q9
    using his relationship theory and code of proper conduct
    How did Confucius attempt to restore order in Chinese society?
  • Q10
    government monopoly on salt, started the the silk road, established the University of Xian
    How did the Han dynasty attempt to strengthen China?
  • Q11
    Huang He
    Along what river valley did Chinese civilization first begin?
  • Q12
    teachings of Confucius
    What eventually became the foundation for Chinese government and social order?
  • Q13
    China's golden age, invention of paper and gun powder
    What was lasting legacy of the Han dynasty
  • Q14
    Who was China's most influential scholar?
  • Q15
    could not control warlords, emperors raised taxes,
    Why did the Han dynasty fall?

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