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Unit 1 Age of Exploration

Quiz by Alexis Callender

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    What types of changes in Europe contributed to exploration and immigration to the New World?
    All: Social, religious, political, and economic
    political & economic
    social & religious
    none of the options shown
  • Q2
    How did the Spanish govern their colonies?
    Endomeia system, govenorships, missions
    trading post
    joint stock companies
    none of the options shown
  • Q3
    What group had a positive relationship with the natives?
    English farmers
    French traders
    none of the options shown
    Spanish gold miners
  • Q4
    What is the name of a settler who worked for a few years and then gained freedom?
    indentured servant
  • Q5
    What caused feudalism to end?
    Protestant Reformation
    rise of mercantalism
    Columbus' discovery of the Americas
    Spanish Armada
  • Q6
    How did Mercantilism change society in Europe?
    none of the options shown
    Added the merchant class
    Started feudalism
    Ended the Protestant Reformation
  • Q7
    How did Mercantilism change the economy in Europe?
    none of the options shown
    gave more power to the nobles
    created more common lands
    Focused on exporting more than importing
  • Q8
    What caused overpopulation in cities and the disappearance of common land use in Medieval Europe?
    none of the options shown
    Spanish Armada
    Enclosure Movement
  • Q9
    How did diseases impact European society & the economy?
    caused recessions to end
    caused population decline & recessions
    caused population increase
    none of the options shown
  • Q10
    What cause imperial conflicts between Spain and England resulting in the Spanish Armada?
    religious (Catholic vs Protestant) and political differences
    none of the options shown
    religious differences (Catholic vs. Christian)
    political & economic differences over land in Africa
  • Q11
    What term was a push factor for immigration and means the ability to move from one social class to another?
    common law
    social mobility
    none of the options shown
  • Q12
    How did intolerance impact the poor in Europe?
    they were killed
    none of the options shown
    they were relocated to the Asia
    they were criminalized
  • Q13
    What was the dominant Christian Church before reforms?
    Anglican Church
    Protestant Church
    Church of Jesus Christ
    none of the options shown
  • Q14
    What helped to transform Europe into unified nation-states?
    socialism and the feudal system
    enclosure movement
    none of the options shown
  • Q15
    How did the Protestant Reformation and religious changes impact Europe?
    none of the options shown
    Religious changes had no impact on Europe
    caused unity within the Christian church
    united all the European nations under the Pope

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